Zhuo Wei for Chun Ni Innocence pour Guo Degang 100 thousand people – not her entertainment Sohu-winlinez

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  • April 16, 2018
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Zhuo Wei for Chun Ni Innocence: pour Guo Degang 100 thousand people – not her Sohu entertainment Guo Degang Chun Ni photo Sohu entertainment news recently, Cao Yunjin released a long time micro-blog "is also an end, the" [see] the inventory and the rivalry between Guo Degang, the paper also revealed that Guo Degang had told a female reporter "the relationship between", it has been reported that the female reporter is Beijing TV host Xu Chunni, Chun Ni subsequently issued a statement denying that the content of Cao Yunjin said micro-blog has nothing to do with her. Yesterday evening, Zhuo Wei also on micro-blog sound for her innocence, he wrote: "who gave one hundred thousand dollars is not really her." Recently Guo Degang Wei sound cleaning uniform, Cao Yunjin tore open long, asked Guo Degang: "do you still remember the female reporter follow you?" Zhuo Wei also forwarded the micro-blog broke the news: I do not know the woman fell asleep to find someone else to 100 thousand dollars is not true?" There are reports that the female reporter is Xu Chunni. In this regard, the evening of September 6th, Xu Chunni made it clear that the contents of the micro-blog Cao Yunjin said she had nothing to do with the relevant information published in the website must immediately delete the relevant information, and a public apology. She will retain the right to pursue relevant websites and individuals of civil liability and criminal liability. Chun Ni statement reads as follows: Recently, in the comic actor Cao Yun Blonde "micro-blog is the time, also do one taking" one man, some people have an ulterior motive without my permission, my photos and personal information and my name is directly related to the above mentioned contents correspond and posted on the Internet, I am a serious violation of the legitimate rights. Here, I solemnly declare as follows: the contents mentioned, Cao Yunjin micro-blog and I have nothing to do; two, based on the above release to the relevant information on the Internet violated the right of portrait, name right, right of my reputation; three, published the relevant information website and I must delete relevant information immediately and to me a public apology; four, I reserve the relevant websites and personal tort liability and criminal responsibility of criminal rights. Xu Chunni, September 6, 2016相关的主题文章: