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  • April 16, 2018
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Zhengzhou, the largest village in the city has been called the opening of the village of Central Plains small Hongkong – Sohu news, according to China Network reported on August 25th, August 24th, Henan, the largest city in the village of the village is about to open the demolition of the village of. See Chen Zhai from the air, side by side in most buildings, building roof, all is blue or red color steel tile. Chen Zhai as Zhengzhou’s most famous village, although the area is only 0.618 square kilometers, it has more than and 800 blocks of ten story building, the landlord will be almost all land covered buildings, many buildings are arranged in the elevator, a minimum distance between the floor and floor. There are as many as 150 thousand of the floating population, with the accelerated transformation of Zhengzhou urban villages and shantytowns, the last village into many Zheng drifters last "Dijiafang" location, a large number of tenants and dense people created here once bustling, so there is a "central Hongkong" said. The street propaganda car playing on the relocation policy, the first term of the vacant houses several million yuan reward, from this time is getting closer, walking in the street can see Chen Zhai, most of the houses have been vacated. Zhengzhou city village in Henan began to remove the village, said the Central Plains small Hongkong". According to Oriental Daily News in August 22 journal article, many reporters came to Zhengzhou Chen Village, which keeps track of Chenzhai in the demolition of the occasion of the new Zhengzhou memorable initial starting from here the dream of "springboard", the village people are also full of expectation for the new Chen zhai. Today? Tomorrow Chenzhai has been deserted, businesses in the future are going to the 21 day at 11 in the morning, the reporters came to Chen Zhai again. From a distance, the whole village has been deserted". Go to the village, a few alley, can continue to see the moving tricycle in and out, these people are finally out of here tenants. Next to the culture of the road outside the village in a row in front of the facade, the workers are busy dismantling the door, pull the furniture shop. Each village alley mouth, saw the moving vehicle is still patiently waiting to live. "Almost all moved, I have been waiting for the morning, there is no business." A moving master and so tired, half lying in the back compartment dozing. He told reporters that since Chenzhai began to demolition, he every day in this job, because people who live here, this month to pull the job business is particularly good. Earlier, the official announcement of the demolition of the village is the timetable for the removal of empty houses in August 20th, from the implementation of housing demolition in August 21st. Yesterday, reporters from the scene, did not find traces of construction demolition. The reporter in the village to see a public car, rolling above the stage for the August 21st after the demolition was written. The surrounding people are guessing, there may be too hot during the day, it is not easy to start, may wait until the beginning of the morning. "Maybe it’s Monday, Sunday, and I’m not going to work." Has bought a house on the outside of the Walled Village, Ms. Chen also guess. A few days ago, the demolition of the village is still as lively as in the past, in fact, these days, the reporter has been concerned about the village of Chen, in August 16th, the streets of the Walled Village, to show in front of reporters is a rush of busy. Sale, clearance, recovery)相关的主题文章: