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  • November 16, 2017
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Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng intimate interaction   "the new song" warm male Wang Feng won – people.com.cn Guangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng "new song" a close interaction between the warm man Wang Feng won the first "new song" bird’s nest China finals last night in fierce battle, eventually, Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao became the new champion team. In class VCR, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng intimate interaction, "said Wang Feng called spoiled sister, Chongni eyes can not hide, was dubbed the" ultimate weapon of the Wang Feng team can win." Daddy PK into the warm man Wang Feng Ultimate Alliance won after several rounds of PK, "Jiang Dunhao and Jay Chou eventually Youku new song" Wang Feng China clan clan into the ultimate link to the ocean, by netizens ridicule as "Daddy league match of the century." Battle began, to the ocean fully show his tenderness and strength will be adapted, classics of "Moonlight City" and "woman" adapted together, with their own voice and retro ventriloquist, accompaniment for his Guqin adds an elegant temperament. Compared to foreign fancy adaptation, Jiang Dunhao is still with a guitar, warm and clean sound, chastity style, indifferent to close your eyes, quietly "love stories with a cavity tender feelings" to the window. Taiwan, mentor Wang Feng nod to Jiang Dunhao unruffled certainly. When students canvassing Wang Feng said that he had never in concert sing this song, and the performance of his Jiang DHL round a dream. At the same time, I hope Jiang Dunhao can express the warmth of hope in the heart of the song. After a professional media review and audience voting, and ultimately, Jiang Dunhao beat the ocean, won the season, China’s new song, the championship. Compared to the previous Wang Feng to give the audience the impression of the high cold rock fan, the "new song" Youku Chinese Wang Feng is much warmer, "warm male friends shouted daddy". The win, but also to make Wang Feng angry audience audience, ridicule said, turned into a warm man Wang Feng finally won the headlines!" Laugh over the crowd. Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng play called sister friends: in the eyes of love will spill out in the finals of the VCR, set students Zhang Ziyi Jiang Dunhao and Xu Geyang close to give presents, makeup hair guide, selling and adorable show a little love. Wang Feng tells Zhang Ziyi to visit the set of students to the teacher said, "Zi Yi, she may be for you……" The voice is not, "said Zhang Ziyi immediately playful call sister is good." Wang Feng then Chongni said "good, good, call my sister, my name is a bit awkward, Zhang Ziyi then hand Tuosai, wittily said" you can call my sister……" He himself feel shy smile, although Wang Feng said nothing, but immediately smiled and shook it with Zhang Ziyi’s arm, two couples little action, others envy. The whole Zhang Ziyi smiled at Wang Feng taught for students, listening to Wang Feng teach students pronunciation cheats, in the eyes of love more worship, is on Youku users to see live called "the strongest oiling agent". More netizens ridicule Zhang Ziyi worship and love for Wang Feng almost completely received相关的主题文章: