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  • April 15, 2018
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Zhang Hanyun when the first actress   Yan double – acting value of online entertainment channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn today (September 29th), adapted from the famous writer Yang Qianzi novel "energy-saving" network of female epic legend inspirational drama "Lanling Princess", will be landing mango TV. The play by the Hongkong director Ye Zhaoyi directed, super girl Zhang Hanyun, the mainland and Taiwan popular niche Peng Guanying idol starring Andy Chen, tells the story of the Chinese melee in troubled times, an epic love story. When Zhang Hanyun first woman in two male beauty Yan double acting value online in filming the drama shortly after the published list of actors that brighten. From the debut 2004 "Super Girls" Zhang Hanyun with singer appearance. For the first time to play the leading role, featuring actress encountered a "double master" configuration. As the Northern Zhou Dynasty emperor Yong Yuwen is the mainland popular niche Peng Guanying. Peng Guanying served in the Hunan TV drama "custom because love is beautiful", "because love is a miracle" in the series nanyihao, he starred in the "sea of clouds" Kyushu? And also will be in the next landing mango broadcast platform, heady. The play of another actor Lan Ling Wang, played by Andy Chen from Taiwan idol niche. Chen Yizai Taiwan has captured hundreds of star identity commercials at the age of 16, contracted brokerage companies to join the showbiz, not only Togata Toshiro, acting is also very good. For the performance of the three starring, director Ye Zhaoyi said very recognized. The three stars are in line with the original shape of the characters, plus the actor hard, take the level performance of the whole works in more than expected. It is reported that the play contains a variety of popular elements of emotional drama between love, sadomasochism, rich handsome and vitality girl love, man and proud jiaonv entanglements subtly malicious and so on, the whole story ring buckle, with some American rhythm and emotional drama without losing the tangled child heart. Is a is acting, and Yan value works. TV drama "Princess" tells the story of a Lan Ling Duanmu descendants of Duanmu pity, as Cheng Yuanqing lock, was sent to the Northern Zhou Dynasty palace Sagong investigation, seize the soul of the town bead and Qing Luan mirror whereabouts, but in a lost memory, and the search for life and truth in the heavy fog, in the judgment of the true emotional whirlpool Mo resolution the choice and. One is in charge of the world A new force suddenly rises. a all-powerful emperor Yong Yuwen, and battle unbeaten ares Lan Ling Wang, two men sincere love yuan Qing lock torn. Although the adaptation of the female characters as the first protagonist, but there is a war between men, martial arts fighting. It cost $80 million, from clothing to scenes are expensive. It is reported that the costume modeling by "Zhen?" team, drama starring, supporting more than five hundred sets of clothing, all the clothes are tailored "role". Modeling not only in line with the status of its temperament and temperament to match their personality, in the overall mix design is also incorporated into the fashion elements and color matching in recent years. Zhang Hanyun is wearing a wedding dress is 6 hands embroidered for 4 months to complete, worth hundreds of thousands. In addition, "Princess" as China Lanling first 4K TV series, the use of film cameras, film special effects production. From the pre exposure of the trailer shown gorgeous相关的主题文章: