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  • April 15, 2018
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Zhang Chao released the "westward journey 3" countdown "CP killer" Horizon – Sohu Zhang Chao entertainment "westward journey 3" with demon Yan Yuanzhangchao Sohu entertainment directed by Jeffrey Lau’s new film "westward journey 3" frequency burst Mengliao, director in the recent exposure of the trailer, Han Geng, Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Zhang Chao, Zhang Yao and other members of the stars full debut, not only shows the perplexing relationship between the characters, but also by other than a more complex relationship between the lines, while Zhang Chao played the devil for the first time in the trailer and good brothers "Zhi Zunbao" bikkuriman horizon strike violently. In the new version of the trailer, broke more dirt, such as "who is the father of this puzzle, such as monkey king, demon Princess Iron Fan, Daisy, who and who had a cut constantly tangled feelings, let the many characters of the film, and the story toward a more emotional line complex. Zhang Chao played the devil in the film, is no longer the past TV drama "silly Hanhan" image, not only to the human face. Also in the director’s trailer shows "a real man", and I strike violently, staged a brother, reminiscent of the studio interview before exposure Zhang Chao and Xie Nan have said that this is a "CP killer", the first killer nature of many viewers are looking forward to in the film "black". In the trailer of the director seems to strike violently a "Bull Demon, and acted Minow kill" Xiangxiang sister cattle is staged so many viewers Get to fans of the adorable, "said the devil that I had killed Amway agent minow." After the movie "westward journey 3" officially announced to mention to September 14th, in the mid autumn day in advance into the "Mid Autumn Festival invited the audience Carnival", the first challenge magic theme Zhang Chao in the trailer or stay, or black, or adorable blood, or funny, so many people expected value doubled, is expected in September 14th, Zhang Chao with the complicated and changeable demon to meet with the audience.相关的主题文章: