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Yu Junjian: a close we have lost the real bel canto – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Lun Bing) 60 year old tenor Yu Junjian, immediately to the retirement time, at the same time, he has been playing for 45 years in the music. The day before, Yu Junjian published his two book and three CDs to commemorate this special year. In the two book, "Guilin" is in Beijing before he came to life essays; "Yu Junjian singing" to study question 111 cases of young people singing and fans concerned about the topic to answer, explain their artistic views and experience, of which there are many little-known stories behind the scenes. Three albums including two folk songs "Chinese classic" and a "war song" Chinese contemporary album. In an interview with the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, Yu Junjian said: to retire, I will slowly fade out of the rivers and lakes, these two books is to give yourself a gift of three. For a tenor singer, three album show my singing strength; while the two book, especially the "singing" is the answer in 111 cases, I think of China folk singing." Yu Junjian’s this "singing quiz", not only expressed his concerns about the situation China misunderstanding of folk songs, from personal experience Chinese explain the development of folk understanding. He said: "the concept of the" national singing "are the singers received ‘academic’, to bel canto training in basic skills of singing. This kind of style has a relatively uniform standard, can form a system. However, I think the national singing and bel canto belong to two kinds of vocal music system — bel canto as western paintings, and folk singing like Chinese ink painting; unified bel canto requirements of sound location, resonance and breath, and national singing about "charm", not in how much, the tone of voice is high. Even in order to show the song connotation, folk singing at the intentional use of those ‘scientific method’ that is wrong "white noise" and "whine sound.". Now many singers have a misunderstanding, that must be based on the national singing bel canto training foundation, therefore, the real folk singing and singing training has lost." Yu Junjian said, when he had been singing that "orthodox", therefore, he did not attend any singing contest, but made a lot of records and tapes album. He said: "in the past, a lot of people think that the singer’s singing music is the determining factor, but I think that the songs of the literature and music should be accounted for half, and even can be said that the composition of the literature is more active. First of all, if there is no good lyrics, composer can not be a good match with the lyrics. In addition, like symphony instrumental solo Quartet and does not contain the words of pure music, few songs is the first piece with lyrics. The music that contains the lyrics should be called "music literature", which is the key to the melody and style. Therefore, cultivating literary accomplishment, to in-depth understanding of the lyrics is one of the most important means of singers sing song." Readings "to tell the truth" say a truth in the recently published "Yu Junjian singing quiz 111 cases", Yu Junjian responded to the long rumored to be on the song "heart of the soldiers相关的主题文章: