Your problem is too much desire and too little wisdom sexinse

Your problem is: desire too much wisdom is too small a precipice (map) the One can be austere without selfish desires: let the children awakening mage key school, or abroad? Choose a stable job, or a better salary? For a large urban flat, or a small suburban villa good?…… The total Buddhist master, ask, how should I choose? In fact, these good and bad trouble, seemingly complex, but only one problem – too much desire, too little wisdom. Many people think that desire is a good thing, can drive us to strive to get, be satisfied and happy. However, is this really the case? When the Buddha was in the world, once and Ananda on the way, suddenly stopped and said: "there are a lot of snakes underground!" In view of the Ananda eye, see countless treasures buried deep underground, and then replied: "yes, there are snakes underground!" Followed by the farmer out of curiosity to dig three feet, found a pile of gold, then steal home overnight. Who knows but because private dig hidden crimes, was denounced neighbors in prison, subject to death. The Buddha to pray too late for regrets: "I was not hate you, just know today: ill-gotten gains like a serpent, let me lead body to kill the crime!" Want to die, is all good for me that will hold the heart, want to themselves, such as seeking ill-gotten gains in the story as farmer, the reality of the urban people, identity anxiety accumulated on the wealth of the tenure, anxiety in social identity, at all, diligently for consumption. In Buddhism, the desire, the desire is bitter, too greedy, flourishing, inevitably difficult to escape the cycle of life and death inspired the consequences. As the "eight adults through the book," said: "to know more than to be bitter. Fatigue of life and death, from greed; less for inaction, physical and mental freedom." We study Buddhism, to learn the wisdom of Buddha in the world, being spun material desires, can not calm down, ask yourself: do I really need it? Can it be good and good? Does it give me peace of mind and relief? A precipice, desire to cease when One can be austere without selfish desires, is the wisdom of rising, the "I", if the heart of love, sincere smile, contentment, these "good and bad", how is troubled? WeChat search on [] easily focus on Buddhism Buddhist Tencent WeChat public no..相关的主题文章: