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Yantai shore waves road vehicles was hit crooked – Beijing Zhifu Binhai Road, shore parked vehicles are wave erosion. Reporter Zhao Jinyang Lv Qi photo Yantai Qilu Evening News September 19th news (reporter Zhang Qi Qu Yanlin) 19 morning, Yantai Binhai spectacular tide District Zhifu square, the first beach near the waves to the shore, many vehicles were flooded, but also some impact on urban traffic. "The eighteen tide in August, spectacular world without." It is through the Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo Qian Tang’s famous chant autumn tide. 19, the 19th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Yantai appeared the trend of landscape, let Yantai people and tourists to experience a spectacular tide. Some netizens joked: "Yantai Jinqiu provoked waves, not in Qian Tang is better than Qian Tang." On the morning of 19, near Yantai the first beach of the big wind, big waves in the sea shore to promote the layers of white waves, sometimes there is a brave swimmers on fight. At 9:30 a.m., the waves became stronger and more violently, beating the shore. "Ah! Look, the sea is all over the road." In the morning, the Qilu Evening News with COFCO Coca-Cola beverage (Shandong) Co. Ltd., more than 50 volunteers organized a beach cleaning activity in the first beach, the volunteers after the event, go to the Binhai Road sent exclaimed. More than 10 o’clock in the morning, up to ten meters waves beat the shore into the sky, huge water in the coastal road, crashed soon spread, the way of water has had no vehicle tire. Here is a single line, many vehicles stopped hesitantly not through, there are impatient owners honked horns, bold adventure owners wade through, and the driver driving on the height of the sidewalk to hedge. With increasing water potential, vehicles are not common, have stop hanging back, the reporter also drove back with traffic slowly back, then we turn retrograde fled the scene. One owner rolled up trouser legs into the water, they are going to give the car to push out, he told reporters: "stop here this morning, the water is too large to ignition, or push out some insurance." But even if a lot of owners have fled, there are individual vehicles parked in the water, the car had to stop the car was crooked crooked. Near noon, the tide weakened, rescue vehicles rushed to the rescue. This reporter interviewed the Yantai meteorological experts Wu Shugong. He explained that today the tide of landscape is two factors superimposed, "a period is now already in the astronomical tide, two is caused by combination of cold air and typhoon malakas." He further explained: "the 19 day is the two day of the lunar moon, when the astronomical spring tide, noon climax in 11:21, the tide is 293 cm high and low in the 17:29 tide, tidal range reaches as high as 39 cm high, 254 cm. No. sixteenth typhoon malakas at 11 in the morning in 29.7° N, 127.6° E, the largest wind 15; Yantai city formed a north wind pressure gradient in the cold air and the malakas. Strong winds forced in the background of astronomical tides"相关的主题文章: