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  • November 18, 2017
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Yang Zhen: hard to win lottery Borussia home court Royal Society cautious Ping Yang Zhen lottery recommended 1, Rangers VS Brent       promotion: 10 last weekend, both teams lost this season on the road, Brent, only 1 wins. Last season, the two teams clash, Rangers let Pingban 3-0 victory over the opponent in the home court. In this game, the disc to deuce disc, Brent Ford or low water, to see how the situation is not good. 2,   VS     Xing Franks;   promotion: 10 Frankfurt week in the German Cup played 120 minutes, the final penalty shootout against Borussia 2-0 win over the Stuttgart promotion, promotion. This season in the League 3 Borussia 1 wins and home court advantage is obvious, the dominant track in Frankfurt. The disc hemisphere low water, and enhance the trend of his looks. After all the key Borussia next week to play in the Champions League game against Celtic, the possibility of residual stress exist in this game, the field I tend to play a little. 3, Bielefeld fee VS Sander Howe       promotion: 3 weeks in the German Cup game Sander Howson eliminated Freiburg on penalties, the excitement of consumption can hardly be avoided. He charges in the League remained winless, but the week in the German Cup 1-0 out of Dresden or to boost morale. Disk flat half high water disc back plate deuce low water, from two aspects of the disc and the trend of physical considerations, Sang Dehao the opportunity to win is not large, although there is still a possibility, but I still feel that Bo 3 feasible. 4, de VS tired, Rui       promotion: 31 Braunschweig Cup tour came to an end, no game week, Dresden is in the middle of the week the German Cup losing out. The disc deuce disc, Brunswick precipitation trend. The Brunswick on top, and no double match interference, this ball should be high. But how to found ou to compensate for the low pay, I worry about capacity at the relatively weak Brunswick odds. 5, Munich VS Austrian   Ecuador       promotion: the Munich cup in Germany in the week of 31, through the penalty shootout to eliminate opponents. Aoeben season does not love to play a draw, and no midweek cup. Considering Munich two games a week, and the season before the 4 game losing streak record, and disk flat half water, the upper heat is not high. The team of the Croatia striker Oli before participating in the network because the soccer gambling was banned for 2 games, the game should be back. In this way, I am more optimistic about the home team to grab points, 3 is preferred. 6, Regali VS agency         promotion: 13 ray Garris this season home court had 1 points, two consecutive rounds recently lost, lost the ball 7, people feel weak. The society round just 3 ball victory over Alves, the game tied after water, social side bet must, from the water level, the guest – hit it, pay some big pressure, I)相关的主题文章: