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Xie Xingfang was talking about Lin Dan: many girls love him I can’t Mrs. Lin Dan Xie Xingfang in November 4th in this 2010 from the "VOGUE" interview with Xie Xingfang gently pushed open the door and came in, long arms and legs, wearing a grey cotton coat with wide sleeves, white silk, a green skirt, too 8 the champion of the world’s top master was ranked first in the world is surprisingly simple and low-key, no makeup, skin is good, higher than I expected, than I imagined peugeot. "I’m not photogenic." She laughed. Seven or eight meters, the skeleton is elegant, is the absolute beauty, and her boyfriend Lin Dan [micro-blog] in badminton is known as "the The legend of Condor Hero live extremely" the girl off, like a breeze famous boyfriend publicity side, simple, quiet, self. A seventeen year old he knew me, I know him at the age of twenty, I often say, at the age of seventeen, he knew me, when I was twenty years old, I know him. How do you say that? Lin Dan said he knew me very early, at the age of 17 to the national youth team training camp in Fuzhou, women’s singles looking for the Bayi team sparring, Lin Dancai 15, in Bayi, many people turn to practice, go round, I don’t remember the opposite person sparring. Then he said see me deep impression, I feel very proud, it is difficult to close, he knew he was the man’s strange, why not know me, and I did not dare to say hello, I know where? I am introverted personality, do not like to laugh, may give him this feeling. He said I looked like a MTV dawn of the heroine, what was his name, was very popular, the actress took a bite of apple, once seen on TV, he also said "you see, like……" It’s kind of like a little bit on the side, but I don’t think I’m pretty, and there’s a lot of pretty girls on the badminton team. I was twenty years old when truly met Lin Dan, I in 1998 into the national team, Lin Dan two years later than me, in 2000, he began the national team two team, from the two team to the team adjusted, it is young, the annual national team will have new back and forth. The first time I impressed him is because this new boy is very interesting, playing good ball throw beat, was very fast, barging about playing the ball on the pitch to run, do all kinds of tricks, but to see him play, you never have to worry about will so, our men and women training time is not the same, usually will ask, who is this, ask the name of Lin Dan, you know, in 2002 when South Korea open, South Korean referee misjudgment, the ball flew out of bounds, Lin Dan pointed to him Then, his fingers bent up, made a glasses, you should buy a pair of glasses, suddenly made me laugh, that this person is really fun. Two, you do not give me the phone? The real understanding is 2003 training camp in Fuzhou, then we have to go to the doctor after training in massage therapy, the doctor only two or three, only two Clinic massage bed, a lot of people, everyone is waiting, once he was in bed for me in the next visit.相关的主题文章: