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  • November 18, 2017
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Wuhan Liyuan hospital Festival "sent to health" old free experience rehabilitation equipment Chongyang Festival is approaching, Wuhan Liyuan hospital will launch a "green rehabilitation camp" activities, specifically to provide health and medical advice for the elderly. The morning of October 9th, 9 pm to 12 pm, Liyuan hospital will carry out the "green rehabilitation camp" activities. According to the stroke caused by dysfunction and elderly patients with frequent neck and back pain, the hospital will come up with a large rehabilitation robot, pulsation treatment instrument, SET suspension training system and other high-tech equipment for the rehabilitation of elderly patients, to experience the pain. At the same time, the hospital’s well-known rehabilitation experts will tell the elderly friends of various types of pain prevention and health care knowledge. There are sweepstakes activities, can be given rehabilitation practical health gifts. In the Department of geriatrics outpatient Plaza Liyuan hospital, Liyuan hospital team of experts, will also hold a "Chongyang health" large free clinic activities, provide a service for old friends. By then, more than a dozen well-known experts, senile disease, respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, cancer, blood, bone wound repair Department of rehabilitation, hand surgery and other departments, for middle-aged and old friends in a free clinic, a free inspection of blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and blood glucose. It is reported that this year is the Liyuan hospital for tenth consecutive years in the festival for the majority of older friends sent to health and happiness in the age of 60 or more people can attend. Old friends if you want to experience the effectiveness of a variety of high-tech rehabilitation equipment, you can call 027-86793057 in advance to experience the appointment. Attached: bus 348 Road, 578 road to the Liyuan hospital 402, 573, 605; and 8 tram road to the station to the two link Plaza Liyuan Hongmiao direction that is 400 meters to 108, 534, Liyuan Hospital; 536, 566, 782, 810 to the joy Avenue station to the direction of Hongmiao 400 meters to the Liyuan Liyuan hospital.相关的主题文章: