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  • November 18, 2017
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Witness of platinum printing brilliant   dielmann exhibition opens in Beijing – Painting – people.com.cn November 26, 2016, sponsored by China Photographers Association, China photography Copyright Association, the bank with the "light alchemy — Dillman Crane platinum printing original Exhibition" in the grand opening of the Beijing Museum of art China. American photographer, platinum printing technology expert Dillman Crane attended the opening ceremony and held a special symposium. Chinese Federation of literary and art circles of Party members, vice president, secretary, chairman Li Qianguang Chinese photography Copyright Association, vice chairman, China photography Copyright Association, the State Press and Publication Administration of the former party member Song Mingchang, vice president, Chinese photography Copyright Association, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the State Department counselor Li Yuguang, chairman, Chinese Photographers Association party secretary Wang Yao, the National Copyright Administration copyright management division Yu Cike, Chinese Federation the right to protection department director Bao Shuyan, vice president of Beijing Film Academy, Yue Hong, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Artron culture (Group) Co., Ltd. chairman Wan Jie, bank chairman Li Zhenxi, the World Intellectual Property Organization in China office director Chen Hongbing, Chinese foundation for International Studies vice chairman, business committee director Zhang Xiaobin, the U.S. ambassador to the Embassy of the public China Public Affairs Department officials Katie? Chris, Song Xiaotao, a famous film and television artist Ting Mei and other arts, photography industry experts and scholars, the media and the people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, Liberation Army Daily, Legal Daily, Beijing TV, Phoenix TV, xinhuanet.com, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, China News Agency, a total of more than 600 people attended the opening ceremony. Vice chairman of China photography Copyright Association Li Yuguang speech on behalf of the organizers, he says, "hold the light of alchemy — dielmann Crain’s original platinum printing exhibition", is to promote an important cultural exchange activities of Chinese and foreign artists, let China photography can take this heavy temperature photography in the development history of an important page, draw strength from historical treasures, promote their own creation in the future of sustainable development. This exhibition is the second in April this year, successfully held the "black and white meditation — Paul in the Chinese museum? Karp Negroponte direct Photography Exhibition", the world famous original photography exhibition sponsors launched again. Hope to hold the "original", strengthen the copyright consciousness of the photographers, promote orderly dissemination of photographic works, for the prosperity and development of the art of photography career played a positive role. Mr. Crane said in his speech: I quite closely with China, has repeatedly visited and photography, the China Film Festival in China special held personal art museum, first of all thank the organizers of careful planning and careful arrangements, and thanks to all the guests, the opening ceremony of the staff to do everything for me! I love China, I love Chinese people! Dillman, Li Qianguang, Song Mingchang Crain?, Wang Yao, Chen Hongbing, Li Zhenxi, and other leaders and guests at CI Ke jointly launched the exhibition. Chinese Photographers Association Committee member, Secretary General Gao Qin for the exhibition curator Li Zhenxi Zhu Jiong, curator of crystal card issued. At the end of the opening ceremony, Mr. Crane held a special academic conference at the China Art Museum相关的主题文章: