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  • January 19, 2018
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White supremacist canvassing for Trump help voters generally disliked – Sohu [global network news roundup] according to the CNN (CNN) reported in February 5th, February 4th onwards, New Hampshire received a telephone harassment from white supremacist, the other requirements of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump?. The propaganda was widespread resentment of voters. Trump said he does not need to support these organizations. "We don’t want our Muslim, educated whites, phone voice repeating simple slogan for Trump La to vote. It is reported that the telephone harassment is super Political Committee established by the 3 white nationalist leaders in the organization of secret organization "the Liberal Party" under the "" (Spuer PAC) funded. "The Liberal Party" was written on official website, custom and inheritance of European americans. But from its website and can not directly calculate how many New Hampshire voters by the telephone harassment. The American white nationalist organization network "American Renaissance" and the spokesman of the editor Jared? Telephone harassment sponsor Taylor is also a white supremacist group "conservative Citizens Committee". He said the Trump campaign policy — the repatriation of all illegal immigrants, building walls to prevent Muslim immigrants — will get the most common white people support. He also said the policy shows "Trump hope of immigrants from Western values" thought. But a lot of evidence that the telephone harassment canvassing for Trump will be the kiss of death. California lawyer William? Johnson, one of the telephone harassment supporters said in an interview with the CNN, New Hampshire voters disgusted telephone harassment. Most people are generally "don’t call me", and some people say "I would never vote for Trump". CNN contacted the Trump campaign team members, said they would not discuss the New Hampshire telephone harassment is not on the canvassing event, Taylor and his organization and the organization of the white nationalist views comment.

白人至上主义者为特朗普拉票帮倒忙 选民普遍反感-搜狐新闻  【环球网综合报道】据美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)2月5日报道,2月4日晚起,美国新罕布什尔州选民陆续接到来自白人至上主义者的电话骚扰,对方要求其支持共和党总统竞选人唐纳德?特朗普。这种宣传方式遭到选民的普遍反感。特朗普则表示他不需要这些组织的支持。  “我们不要穆斯林,我们要受过教育的白人”,电话里的男声不断重复着简单粗暴的口号来为特朗普拉选票。据悉这次电话骚扰是由3位白人民族主义领导人在秘密组织“美国自由党”的组织下建立的“超级政治委员会”(Spuer PAC)资助的。“美国自由党”官网上赫然写着——继承欧洲裔美国人的习俗和遗产。但从其网站上并不能直接推算出将有多少新罕布什尔州选民遭到此次电话骚扰。  美国白人民族主义组织“美国复兴”的网络编辑杰瑞德?泰勒同时也是白人至上组织“保守公民委员会”的发言人和此次骚扰电话的发起者之一。他表示特朗普的竞选政策——遣返所有非法移民,修建高墙阻止穆斯林移民——会获得大部分普通白人民众的支持。同时他表示这些政策显示了“特朗普希望移民接受西方价值”观的思想。  但大量证据表明这种电话骚扰的拉票方式对特朗普来说将是帮倒忙。加利福尼亚律师威廉姆?约翰逊,此次电话骚扰的支持者之一在接受CNN采访时说道,新罕布什尔州的选民对电话骚扰表示反感。大部分民众的普遍反应是“不要再打电话给我”,还有一些人说“我永远都不会投给特朗普”。  CNN记者联系特朗普竞选团队成员,他们表示将不会讨论此次新罕布什尔州电话骚扰拉票事件,也不会对泰勒及他的组织和该组织的白人民族主义观点发表评论。相关的主题文章: