What symptoms may occur in patients with syringomyelia

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  • March 3, 2017
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spinal cord itself is the pathway of nerve conduction, and the spinal cord is a "bubble" in the middle of the spinal cord". If the spinal cord is empty, the nerve conduction pathway is subjected to the corresponding compression or destruction, and the nerve conduction abnormality occurs. Symptoms in patients with syringomyelia can be classified as early symptoms and late symptoms.

The common symptoms of

patients with syringomyelia were hand numbness, especially the numbness of the fingers, palms and other parts. With the development of the patient’s condition, the patient’s symptoms may be characterized by weakness of the fingers, and some patients with rapid development of symptoms may have a finger contracture.

Symptoms of

in patients with more severe syringomyelia may develop pain in some part of the trunk and limbs. The symptoms of pain in patients with syringomyelia generally do not have a clear point of pain, neck and shoulders, shoulders and back, armpit, chest, limbs, etc..

patients with syringomyelia may also have an impact on the lower extremities due to voids. Patients with lower limb muscle tension may be increased, the performance of the leg hair hard, inflexible, difficult to walk normally, abnormal walking posture.

patients with syringomyelia will not appear in a short time, but with the development of the disease gradually appear. For example, syringomyelia patients may be early symptoms of numbness in the hand appeared in the teens; at the age of more than and 20 for the development of symptoms and contracture of finger weakness; more than and 30 did not appear abnormal walking posture.

clinical, a lot of patients with syringomyelia due to the slow progress of disease symptoms and ignore the disease, wait until the symptoms have been more serious. At this point, the patient may be considered to be an acute disease of the spinal cord, in fact, from the spinal cord after the hole, the patient’s symptoms have been aggravated, but the slow progress of the disease has led to neglect.