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  • November 16, 2017
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What is the relationship between Latin America and geometric abstraction? In October 17th, the New York Museum of modern art (hereinafter referred to as MoMA) received the Ross Patricia collectors from Venezuela born West Adams (Patricia Cisneros) Ms. donated 102 Latin American modern art gift, which for the MoMA in the field of will is a huge push. Donated works of painting and sculpture, mostly created between twentieth Century 40 and 90s, works mainly from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay, La Plata area. These works are from the hands of 37 artists, of which the work of 21 artists is the first to enter the museum.   "project (Project for an Exterior external Wall)", Carlos? Cruz Diezi (Carlos Cruz-Diez),                             wood dowel and synthetic polymer paint, 1954-65 Cisneros her husband Gustavo (Gustavo) is an enterprise group, according to the Forbes assessment of his and his family’s net assets of about $2 billion. The newly received 102 pieces of Latin American art, 40 plus previously Ms. Cisneros and her husband donated to MoMA, MoMA will set up a collection of Latin American Modern Art Research Center for the rich art, is expected to open in the next year. "Before penetration (Pre-penetrable)", Jiesaisi? Rafael Soto (Jesú sRafael? Soto), steel, paint, 1957 this is not only a historic gift, in a statement from MoMA that "the gift of breadth of hitherto unknown", but did not disclose the specific value of donations. MoMA director Green Lowry (Glenn Lowry) said: "we are very grateful to Ms. Cisneros’s collectors donated her Latin American Art and artists unremitting contribution continues to change and expand our understanding of the important role in the contemporary art in the history of the region and appreciation." "Delta Development (Development of a Triangle"), Thomas Maldonado? (Tomá sMaldonado), oil on canvas, 1949 "as everyone knows, geometric abstraction originated in Europe, in Latin America, especially the United States to become a mature art language," MoMA Latin American art curator Gabriel Peres BAREIRO (Gabriel Pé rez-Barreiro) said, "this group of works donated by many artists have been translated in Pakistan相关的主题文章: