What is cancer Many people are wrong……

what does cancer mean for most people? Some people say: hate cancer, because cancer may mean the countdown to the death of the opening; others say that means the suffering of the disease; means that the social identity of the rupture……

indeed, more and more in recent years, the haze tobacco control weakness, excessive pressure, bad living habits, make people pay more attention to the "cancer", and today, we did not uncover the mystery of cancer, cancer of the "misunderstanding" made people more or less confusion and fear.

cancer is just a chronic disease

according to the authority released: the world’s highest mortality rate of four types of chronic diseases: the top two is cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, from the data we can easily see that the mortality rate of cardiovascular disease and cancer. But the majority of cardiovascular disease in the face of cancer but take things calmly, like a death sentence, the fear of cancer is far more than other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, the cause of fear is public for cancer "unknown and misunderstood".

Why does

say cancer is a chronic disease? First of all, cancer has the common characteristics of chronic diseases, such as complex etiology, multiple risk factors, long-term latency, longer course of disease, causing dysfunction, and its occurrence is far more common than people think.

as early as 1980s, the United States medical experts have reported: solutions to the elderly corpse at the age of 80, there are about 1/4 in the body of the person suffering from cancer, but these old people had no symptoms associated with cancer. Their deaths are due to other diseases or causes. Cancer is a common disease with aging.

in addition, we all know that the occurrence of cancer is a long, gradual process, to go through a number of stages. From normal cells to cancer cells, and then to tumors, there is a longer incubation period, which does not occur in a short period of time. As long as early detection, early standardized treatment, cancer can be controlled and cured.

therefore since 2006 WHO (WHO) and other international authoritative institutions have been corrected, the original as "incurable" cancer can be redefined as control, treatment and even cure chronic disease.

for the average person, there will be more and more cancer in the future may be just like diabetes, just a common chronic disease. As long as the prevention, early detection, early treatment, coupled with the more accurate targeting drugs, cancer is not so terrible.

cancer is a "1/3 disease" <;