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What did the Iraqis see? This article reprinted from the WeChat public platform "on the third floor of block B" (the red snapper long intermission) (whether you believe it or not, this is already finished, just to the Beijing News, with the only delay to today ". What? Do you say I’m a drag? How could I have delayed?! After all, I am so writing a writer do not believe I beat you…)… Young man, you have a very romantic charm of my style! 120 frames, 4K, 3D. After the superposition of the screen, like the top of the home appliance market with color TV test machine. Bright bright, lucidity. But it doesn’t seem so real. Or, it is a kind of artificial reality". After reading it, finally understand why Ang Lee will choose this new technology. This is a test of the Chinese director of light, but also a kind of irony. It seems that every frame is hinting at us. Born in this era of technological explosion, each of us receives, is only the most comfortable way to instill the custom of truth". What people see is what they want to see. Lin and his comrades is a national sensation "B class" is the eyes of young gay idiot Army (the idiot by strangulation to brain hypoxia, liver colored face into the scene, just like visual effects!) The girl in the eyes of the American sweetheart cheerleader hero named McKenzie · Li, I like Lynn so much love is this a "destiny" in the lyrics of tough, uninhibited, but also with street style "solider this appalling degree marks, but there is too little football deliberately the stars usually in the video and military magazine to see the killing machine…… Even the most seem to understand and appreciate Lynn’s sister saying when the younger brother is also claimed that the politicians and consortia are sent to the front of the cannon sister over protection of Lynn, in fact, is the subconscious guilt. Nobody really cares for the children to help young and ignorant encountered on the battlefield what we diligently strive after. Just how in his own way, the consumption of them, and from different angles to them on a label, as they are printed with a picture of Sadam is in possession of printed label to Iraqis – conference five mixed to tell the world that the nineteen year old soldiers in the reporter: "everyone are you praise the worst day of my life. This feeling is very strange." But the world smiled and said, "your story no longer belongs to you. It belongs to everyone in the United States."……" Everyone is an island, and Lin and his comrades, is open on the island of Disneyland. The war that engulfed them, for the people of the country they want to defend, is just like a football game. Sadly, even if you knowingly show, but when it to the modern scientific and technological means in front of you when it staged colorful, bright, clear, strong sense of immersion visual experience, which will let you immersed consciously or not. Tragic crawly, grand and flashy halftime show the real battle each other, every little bit to stimulate the secretion of hormones in the body. FPS and Stallone, schwarzer…相关的主题文章: