What are the effects of Parkinson’s disease on fertility

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  • March 3, 2017
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What are the effects of Parkinson’s disease on fertility? – Sohu health

study almost unanimously believe that growth will make Parkinson disease exacerbation, about half of the patients during childbirth or develop a short-term illness quickly after birth, is moving a worsening of symptoms (UPDRS score increase, drug demand increase etc.) and non motor symptoms.

Effect of

1 gene: present in patients with early onset Parkinson’s disease and familial history of patients with Parkinson’s disease, gene detection and diagnosis of the increasingly high degree of attention, but because of a series of problems, this is not mandatory for the ethical examination.

2, the impact of drugs: it is a great pity that all Parkinson’s disease drugs are not absolutely safe during pregnancy. The available data are based on animal experiments. The majority of drugs belonging to the C class, a few belong to the B class (such as pergolide and bromocriptine), but because the other side effects have been out of range of prescription. Therefore, the logic of drug use is the two evils. The most that should not be used all say the same thing is amantadine, regardless of pre pregnancy, pregnancy or lactation, should avoid; dopamine receptor agonists inhibit prolactin secretion and therefore should not be used for lactation; levodopa can affect the fetus through the placenta metabolism, but compared with other drugs, studies suggest that it still may be the best choice in pregnancy.

addition, advanced Parkinson’s disease in patients receiving drug treatment is ineffective, considering deep brain stimulation for treatment, can reduce the dosage of drugs, reduce drug side effects, but also in our hospital undergoing deep brain stimulation surgery after the success of natural childbirth pregnant essential tremor but whether it is suitable for patients, we also need to make rational judgments and choices in the family and the participation of doctors.