Wen Ziren will host a Neptune exposure techykinin 7 budget without limit dxperience

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  • November 16, 2017
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Wen Ziren will host a "Neptune" exposure "techykinin 7" unlimited budget Tencent entertainment news (text toot) horror film directed by Wen Ziren "spiritualism 2: Enfield ghost" (The Conjuring 2: a The Enfield Poltergeist) after the release of the box office is good, he also will CBS television in the "MacGyver" (MacGyver) served as executive producer, and directed the play pilot. In these busy later, Wen Ziren will concentrate on preparations for him for Warner’s sci-fi thriller "Sea King" (Aquaman). Is your famous Hollywood commercial director Wen Ziren is very busy, he said: "I had been busy with" 2 "or related things, and then turn off the lights" propaganda later "(Lights Out), now all this has come to an end, I can put all energy in with" Neptune "related things finally." For Warner and DC pictures of the science fiction blockbuster, Wen Ziren said: "we will build a" Neptune "creative world, the world of Neptune, will also be released next to the" Justice League "(Justice League) part, created in respect of" Justice League "of the world at the same time, we need to create a truly belongs to the film, which is very important for me." Wen Ziren directed the movie and directed the TV series, the difference between the two, he also has deep feeling: "in the movies, I can have the budget to ‘waste’, especially in the" fast and the furious 7 "(Fast & Furious 7), the budget is almost no the upper limit, at least I feel like there is no limit. The TV drama is not the same, although you can do anything you want to do, but must be carried out in accordance with the drama of the budget and schedule, "MacGyver" the pilot episode I only took 13 days, I wondered how to shoot people, but they told me: "you get in take the pilot has a lot, for others, the budget and shooting days will be less."" Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: