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Arts-and-Entertainment Another good news story for Waterford this summer is the opening of the magnificently restored Bishops Palace which is directly across the road from the House of Waterford Crystal, as well as a major new Viking Exhibition opening at Reginalds Tower. The Waterford Museum of Treasures, which is currently located in The Granary is in the process of moving into three new locations within the Viking Triangle of Waterford City: The Bishops Palace, Reginalds Tower and the purpose-built Medieval Museum (opening 2012). Patrons should note that the Tourist Office and the Granary Restaurant remain open as normal in the Granary building on the Quay, however the Waterford Museum of Treasures in the Granary is now closed to the public to facilitate the transition into the new locations. The Waterford Museum of Treasures has been in existence since 1999, has won many awards and is firmly established as a popular visitor attraction in the city. The Waterford Museum of Treasures celebrates the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of all who contributed to the making of Waterford, from Viking and Norman times, through medieval and recent Irish history, right up to the present, cementing Waterfords fascinating history. The relocation of the Waterford Museum of Treasures into the Viking Triangle marks another major step in Waterfords development as a destination, not just for visitors to this great city, but for locals to take pride in where they live, and to have the opportunity to enjoy the rich heritage and culture that Waterford has to offer. The Bishops Palace The Bishops Palace will be a museum of Waterford from 1700 to the 20th century and will give visitors a wonderful insight into the history of, what was up to 1750s, Irelands second city. The gardens that surround the Bishops Palace are based on a design by the celebrated gardener Diarmuid Gavin. Waterford city boasts the finest collection of 18th century architecture of any city in Ireland outside of Dublin, and its great legacy from the period is its elegant architecture, silverware and of course fine glassmaking. This period of elegance began in Waterford in 1741 when the Anglo-German architect Richard Castles designed the wonderful Bishops Palace. Castles built the Palace with its front overlooking the town wall which he had reduced in height so that it formed part of the palaces terraced garden. Today Richard Castles is celebrated as one of Irelands greatest architects having designed most of the great houses of Ireland including the seat of the Irish parliament, Leinster House in Dublin. Viking Exhibition at Reginalds Tower Reginalds Tower will house a major new and exciting exhibition that, using a superb collection of historic and archaeological artefacts, will tell the story of Waterfords Viking heritage. Reginalds Tower is a circular defence tower built at the beginning of the 13th century. At various stages in its rich history, Reginalds Tower has been used as a mint, prison and military store. The structures history makes it perfect for the new exhibition that will be launched soon. For information on opening hours and admission charges visit www.DiscoverWaterfordCity.ie or www.waterfordtreasures.ie About the Author: 相关的主题文章: