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Wahson blog early exposure to "detective Sherlock" fourth series "Sherlock" the fourth quarter of first sets second sets third name still barnburner Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 26th news, according to foreign media reports, BBC hit the British drama "detective Sherlock" (Sherlock) release fourth season two episode in the official Facebook. Fans of the show has opened the detective mode clue: first sets The Six guess Thatchers "six Thatcher", alluding to the suspected "Sherlock Holmes" story "six Napoleon bust" (The Six Napoleons), second The Lying Detective literally "lying lying detective" mapping "(" the Dying Detective The Dying Detective), three sets of the last of a question mark. "Sherlock", the fourth season has finished, is expected to launch next year. First set by BBC play Wahson personal blog are suspected of synopsis, said the story in December 19th with Wahson’s record of a " The Six Thatchers" the thing: Wahson to take Sherlock to the Christmas shopping, but because Sherlock boring toward a Santa yelling "I when Christmas gift a fun murder case." when a group of kids and their parents — by the police and sent home, while a girl student is waiting for them, ask them to solve her friend was stabbed to death…… (West) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: