Visit Xinjiang bone carving skills representative successors promote the Mongolian Nomadic Culture ( windjview

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  • November 14, 2017
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Visit Xinjiang bone carving skills representative successors: promote the Mongolian Nomadic Culture (Figure) – Beijing works of "home" is a picture about 1771 Turehot people to the east of the bone carving painting. Shi Yujiang photo Beijing and static on 15 September, (Shi Yujiang) in Xinjiang held in August this year, the fair, a Mongolian bone carving artist works exhibition attracted many visitors, the artist is a master of Arts and crafts Genteng adding autonomous region. Genden Fagafaga P recently Beijing bone carving studio, the reporter who went to Genteng adding in Hejing County bone carving studio, artists are busy processing a bone sculpture painting works. Showroom in bone carving works, put a lot of animal bones with mosaic good painting, performance of marching and fighting scene, but also the performance of the dance scene. Genden Fagafaga P told reporters, showing the production process to carry the flagon of the mongols. Shi Yujiang photo "this painting black horseshoe and armor is the consumption of horns made of bone, white mane is made with sheep bone, color gradient effect of the transition region is made of horn bone, also the bone claw collocation." Genden Fagafaga P pointed to a piece of work to reporters. In addition to the bone carving and processing of the plane painting, there are several kinds of Mongolian musical instruments on the display wall. One of the dances attracted the attention of reporters. Close observation revealed that the body is made of animal bones, carved with rich ethnic characteristics of the pattern, delicate and beautiful. According to reports, this made of animal bones dances not only can be used as a handicraft, can also be used to play. The reporter saw the eyes of half believe and half doubt Genden Fagafaga P took off from the wall, Qin, readily pulled the melodious music. It turned out that the sound of the bones and the sound of the piano to listen to two different professional. The processing workshop of Genden Fagafaga P bone carving studio, placed a few tools, in addition to some special tools, piled up around the corner of every kind of animal bones, in addition to bone, and marmot scapular spine, cattle etc.. Genden Fagafaga P is processing is a lively scene of the performance of Uygur Macy Zhev paintings, has completed most of the process, combined with a special glue on the wallpaper, the whole process will be the end of "painting". In the press briefing, he took a group of bony plates in the box on the floor, a rough place, a Uighur girl dressed in a long skirt, hand towel, cheerful dance picture show in front of reporters. Inside the exhibition hall of Genteng adding medals. Photo by Shi Yujiang Genden Fagafaga P said, in the production of paint before, first outlined in the paper, and then to choose the head according to the shape, color, and then select the bones in grinding machine, planer machining, became this group of semi-finished products now. Genden Fagafaga P told reporters that his mother likes to collect the Mongolian traditional patterns, but also the design of clothing, how much of their own skills in the family affected. Genden Fagafaga P childhood love painting, Mongolia family in 1987 to do so was admitted to the Xinjiang Normal University majoring in arts, after graduating from a primary school in Hejing County Bayinbuluke town as an art teacher. At that time, professional相关的主题文章: