Video + Raiders walk in Himalaya – uncover the four Tibet ditch mysterious veil

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  • March 18, 2017
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on the roof of the world in Tibet, stands the magnificent Himalaya, of which five seat 8000 meters above the mountain is located in Tibet Shigatse territory, they are Qomolangma (first), Luo Zifeng (fourth), Makalu (fifth), zhuoaoyou (sixth) and shisha (Fourteenth).

Himalaya snow veins in the territory of Shigatse was cut down four notches, they formed the "four famous Shigatse ditch: Gyironggou, camphor ditch, Gama Valley and Ya Dong valley. The common characteristics of these four channels are: originated in the snow capped mountains, from an altitude of more than 5000 meters down all the way to less than 3000 meters, the river flows to Nepal or India. The unique landscape created unique scenery: snow accompanied by varied scenery, few people tread, like a land of idyllic beauty.

this fall, we are far away from the bustle of the city, the courage, on the back of the pack, his feet, go deep into the hinterland of Himalaya, Tibet on the "four famous ditch", look at the five seat 8000 meters above the mountain (Mount Everest, F Natsu Bangma, Luo Zifeng, Makalu, zhuoaoyou). Foot process is full of hardships, but a beauty it makes us feel very happy, we experience a different life, leave unforgettable memories for myself.

thank God give us good weather, thank and accompanied by teammates, thanks to the help our driver and guide, yaks, we make the long journey to become so smooth and successful.

here to commend in particular the shisha Everest base camp hiking and Mount Everest Dongpo camp on foot, which is currently the best foot line. Unfortunately, along the way encountered mostly foreigners, domestic tourism is less known.

this post is destined to be a long, please wait patiently. We will use the most detailed first-hand information: text, pictures, video, GPS track, Raiders, uncover the four big ditch mysterious veil.

time: September 23rd –

in October 16th

line: Shenzhen – Lhasa – the old Tingri – Gyironggou — Nielamu — shisha trekking Everest base camp — Nielamu — Mount Everest headquarters — — Wu Xiao Qu Xiang when wrong — Zhuo Hunan camp (orchid Valley) – Tang Xiang camp — Russian GA — Mount Everest Dongpo stronghold — Russian GA — learn Renma measures — when Qu Xiang — Dinggye — Gangba — Chings. — Ya Dong — Jiangzi — Lhasa — Shenzhen.

participants: hurry, A Wei, be taken, the homeless and the bridge, a foot, white, fly, tiger breeding, wheat, jade, jade, Xin, recipe, small tile, small.

camera: D700+24 – 70.

cost: 6000 yuan or so;