Video – Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai,, from all over the world premiere in Chongqing

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  • November 17, 2017
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Beijing – VIDEO – "passing from your world premiere of" Deng Chao Yang Yang Zhang Tianai Liu Yan in Chongqing [comment] the evening of September 28th, by the Chongqing born director Zhang Yibai in the film the film "hometown of passing from your world" held a premiere in Chongqing. Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Liu Yan four stars gathered in, meet with the people of Chongqing. It is understood that the movie from your world by Zhang Jiajia adapted from the novel of the same name, mainly about the DJ a group of friends of the city’s emotional story of Chen Mohe. The film directed by Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, played down at the end of Chen DJ radio. The same period [] (author Zhang Jiajia) because the DJ is in my concept inside with the writer has the same place, a sound, a text, to warm the lives of others, especially in our university career, in the dormitory, one can listen to the radio lights are listening to the radio, so touched I also very big, you said that if there is a radio program that really passing from your world of words, I hope there will be a lot of good people to do this. [commentary] before the premiere, the reporter in advance viewing. Monument for Liberation, eighteen ladder, qiansimen bridge, the light rail station in Chongqing scene repeatedly appear in the film, and aerial night in Chongqing. The same period [] (directed by Zhang Yibai) for election scene in Chongqing, I think for me, it is not a special election scene, although also have spent a long time to choose scene, but for me, in fact, in Zhang Jiajia’s script, while doing some paperwork, a lot of scenes naturally, some of the usual accumulation to come back every time, some memories will naturally come out, I think where appropriate. [comment] in the film, played by Liu Yan swallow and Yue Yunpeng played PigHead is a pair of lovers. Talk about shooting swallows and PigHead break up when the scene, Liu Yan said, the impression is very deep. [the same period] (actor Liu Yan) everyone is more distressed Yue Yunpeng, because the lens you see him only run once, but in fact, ran a lot of times, so will, Yue Yue Yue more hard. Then I was in the car, in fact, an actor really feel, I look back and see when he ran, I would cry, is that you don’t know is in a play or what, because in real life, I have not encountered a man willing to my car chase, so I think it is really PigHead in real life, if there is such a man, is very touched me. [interpretation] in an interview with reporters, Deng Chao said he was very fond of the city of Chongqing. [the same period] (actor Deng Chao) I personally like Chongqing, I like the food here, where the city looks like, and then the life here, is feeling very cool. [commentary] Zhang Jiajia expressed the hope that through the film to pass those touched, warm and happy romantic love. The same period [] (author Zhang Jiajia) in "passing from your world" this movie, don’t see a year has passed destiny director to shoot, but he is still on the understanding of love and sincere heart, pure Road相关的主题文章: