Urgent notice This is equal to the poison to eat yams! Tell your family

survey found : every year, the number of food poisoning in China more than 200 thousand.

some of them are poisoned by the wrong way to eat. Yam as a home cooked food, eat not the same will cause poisoning, in order to their family health, take a good look at.

‘s three big taboo

raw yam

do not eat, because there are certain toxins students eating raw yam yam, easily lead poisoning.

excessive consumption of

yam itself is mild, but contains female hormones, excessive consumption may be excessive stimulation of hormones, resulting in endometrial hyperplasia, there is a physiological period is not smooth, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain.

yam mucus

The content of

in the skin of yam saponin or mucus contains alkaloid, a contact may cause allergy itch processing yam yam, should avoid direct contact.

yam top 10 with

Hundreds of

yam approach, there are 10 known as the "top collocation", not only can a strong body, but also beauty, health and disease prevention, fix some small problems!


yam with jujube

cold cough

winter cold cold cough appears, with yam and red dates porridge with can, expelling wind and cold, cold cough caused by rapid recovery.

prevention of cold

Chinese yam with red dates have a strong strong kidney this effect, often eat can enhance human immunity, resist influenza virus, prevent colds.


yam with lotus seeds

menstrual abnormalities

some woman sometimes bradymenorrhea, dripping wet, or uterine bleeding, with lotus seeds and yam porridge to drink, will have a very good improvement.

soothing mood

is a depressed, depressed mood, collocation and lotus with yam, bad mood will gradually improve, have a good mood everyday.