Typhoon Meranti Xiamen raging night tree down the window broke off the island wharfedale

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  • November 15, 2017
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Typhoon "Meranti" Xiamen raging night tree down window broken water island typhoon "Meranti" Xiamen raging night tree down window broken water island news photos chinanews.com [micro-blog] 2016-09-15 10:55 I want to share your love may also hide into the picture station of Xiamen Beijing September 15th electric (reporter Chen Yue Yang Fushan) "Meranti" the typhoon hit Xiamen in the night, dawn Xiamen has become more calm, but a lot of people in Xiamen that they are facing water shortage, power shortage, and lack of window glass. At present, the reporter has not yet received information on casualties. In Xiamen, there are quite a few entrepreneurs in the circle of friends posted a photo: the kitchen window glass was blown away a piece of it, while the balcony while floating a door". Living in the coastal areas of Xiamen, the level of household, found the window glass blown broken glass, broken, deformed and even the entire landing glass window, not in the minority. "Meranti" with destructive force that is not accidental. According to the Xiamen meteorological information service center, at around 3 am, Xiamen Dongdu meteorological station has recorded a gust of 48.6 meters per second, and "miranti" not landing in Taiwan Xiamen positive toward the 1999 No. 14 typhoon, the Maximum gust recorded only 47.1 meters per second. Typhoon "Meranti" at 3 pm in Xiamen Xiangan after landing in the middle of the night after the whole process of raging, Dongdu meteorological station has even recorded a gust of 51.3 meters per second, and a water connected Dadeng Kinmen bridge, but also has 54.2 meters per second wind. Such a great power, so many people in Xiamen last night to sleep, in the circle of friends are depicted in "tear" the typhoon repeatedly issued the window, ceaseless creaking sound, as if to "pull the balcony", while in the distance, "from time to time there are glass breaking sound came". Xiamen police received a large number of night calls, 110 command center full load operation". Although there is no specific information on casualties, but according to 120 staff around 4 in the morning, said a lot of people call for help 120. In addition to the glass, the typhoon ravaged Xiamen and violent, the famous tourism city of shade. In 24 hours on duty in a convenience store clerk Mr. Su told reporters, the whole night, he saw in front of the store from time to time the wind trees lodging, "pull up". According to incomplete statistics, only to 5 am today, Xiamen 110 received 40 trees lodging alarm for help. The morning of the 15 day in Xiamen, the main way, the reporter saw the roadside Tao Ren, everywhere is fallen trees, some two people have a banyan tree size, as uprooted. A lot of trees near the vehicle parked in the night was broken down some trees, the body has been severely deformed. Lodging trees and water with serious traffic block. Success is the two Xiamen Avenue and Xianyueshan elevated roads, but the reporter drove only after a short period that the way is full of trees, a number of water, it is difficult to pass. It is understood that the water also led to a number of Xiamen through the tunnel, tunnel traffic affected. In addition to the impact on traffic, lodging trees still many broken power lines, Xiamen will have more than 1 thousand input power;相关的主题文章: