Two cameras attracted what Apple also throw the helve after the hatchet (video)

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  • November 16, 2017
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Two cameras attracted what Apple also throw the helve after the hatchet? [Abstract] science and technology Tencent technology website TechRadar today pointed out that with the advent of the iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with dual camera rumors in the market, once suffer a big pair of cameras and large-scale mobile phone back. What magic do they have? Could that take the lead to do experiments to Apple Corp, know that apple can never at the risk of the company. In the final analysis, the quality of the image brought about by the dual camera is the most valued apple. IPhone 6SE will take a small camera Chinese missed the first? Speaking of intelligent mobile phone equipped with multiple cameras, in fact, we are no longer strangers in 3D, when the tide is just emerging some manufacturers eat crabs, these models of various functions, but most of the features are chicken ribs. With the HUAWEI P9 and iPhone this year 7 Plus aircraft have equipped with dual cameras, the concept of a resurgence of the situation, but also the concept of dual camera driven intelligent mobile phone is used to suffer a big image of a new round of revolution? Prior to this, there have been many manufacturers have used this technology, they work the principle is not the same, is it possible to change the apple into the magic, a road that others never walk? Dual camera camera black history in the interpretation of the iPhone 7 Plus camera before we talk about the origin of the dual camera. At first, the emergence of dual cameras in order to catch up with the year Afanda brought 3D tide, 2011 HTC Evo 3D really hot for some time. However, due to the composition of the gimmick is too large, this model has become a short-lived ghost. Then, at the following LG also launched with 3D camera models, but in the end, the machine also had to exit, then, equipped with 3D camera models in the market disappeared. In 2014, HTC brought to M8, the aircraft is also equipped with dual cameras, but it is not in order to take 3D photos, the HTC is mainly in order to achieve the so-called SLR camera shallow depth of field effect (bokeh). Then HUAWEI also launched a similar principle of the glory of 6 Plus, and the beginning of this year, millet in order to catch the dual camera trend, also took out a red rice Pro, but with the existing mainstream dual camera technology has not what the intersection. In addition, in addition to the immature reasons for the algorithm, after the 3D camera was not able to live up to the ability to deal with the intelligent machine. New dual camera solutions with dual camera, I am afraid that HUAWEI P9 will first enter your mind, it is not only the processing capabilities have been improved, dual camera system focus from the depth of field for a picture. This time, HUAWEI changed the idea for the two cameras do division, the future of iPhone 7 Plus dual camera principle may be similar to its. For this, two cameras on the "computational photography" road, is to use a plurality of micro sensors to collect information, and then the powerful and intelligent processor for processing mobile phone camera congenitally deficient breakthrough. This is probably the most effective way to improve the quality of the existing technology, more than optical anti shake technology. I!相关的主题文章: