Two ” &quot is not reliable; 94 girls drop out half year with one thousand yuan to Hunan countr ratatouille

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  • November 16, 2017
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Two " " is not reliable; 94 girls drop out half year with one thousand yuan to Hunan country original title: "94 girls the most reliable", with only 1000 dollars for half a year living in the country if there is no creative, live like a pig. What is the significance of the university? The students around busy schoolwork, busy, busy, busy part-time research project…… This is a school for graduation from a painstaking planning era, Shantou University School of journalism Li Qixin and Luo Jiayu but to embrace be inopportune or inappropriate to the University of faith, "the university should be a culture of people have ‘spirit of independence and freedom of thought places". In the short term holiday gap, they often travel to explore the wider world. Disappointment is to big and small city, but people. When traveling in Taiwan, Luo Jiayu had to stay away from the city impulse: "we want to see China walk in rural life really like, we want to understand and participate in the new rural construction is now a handful of educators, public practitioners is quietly trying to do." After the Spring Festival in 2016, they decided to leave half a year. Not too much preparation, just follow the simple idea of going to the countryside. Li Qixin & Luo Jiayu running in the sunset. Li Qixin & Luo Jiayu for map) in March, and was forced to grow from the earth, the students also entered the spring semester. While two of them carrying a bag, with only one thousand yuan, the first half of the tour started the first station of Hunan channel volunteer project. Four days later, through the recruitment, they joined the big ink rain village old house reconstruction volunteer projects, and other members of the Hangzhou park gate team began a month of life in the mountains. In their seven ink rain Yi village, volunteers formed a small permaculture community team, another might feel the life. Permaculture community has been advocated to convey a plastic waste recycling and zero way of life, small and slow adhering to principle of life, they learn to arrange flowers, cooking, singing, sheep, field experience Yi dance, life aesthetics. Living in the park community. Li Qixin & Luo Jiayu) for their identification, Baicao no plastic market, they practice the lunar night talk; thick soil cultivation, using the separation of dry and wet toilet, personally built rural construction; they shoot permaculture life documentary, recording time. They was only 215 yuan, for the elderly in the village free to do a photography exhibition freeze under their daily appearance, the end of the exhibition old people can get their photo taken home. (large ink rain photography exhibition. Li Qixin & Luo Jiayu for map) Luo Jiayu found that this small and slow rhythm, can deal with the outside world at the same time, also can hear your heart sound, very suitable for their own. Time is like the horse on the ancient tea horse road Whitehorse silently forward. Ink rain village after the end of the project, they like a fish with unknown direction to continue to river cruising. In April, they hitchhiked to Dali, in the city after a few days of idle daylight, listening to a few people on the road section of poem story; Li Qixin and Luo Jiayu followed the big ink rain village project Liu came to Dali rainbow agricultural country相关的主题文章: