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  • April 16, 2018
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Trump, the Chinese people can happily immigrants to the United States? Local time on the morning of November 9th, Donald, announced that Hilary,, has called him to congratulate him on winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election. U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump to reverse the adverse situation before the election, defeating the Democratic candidate Hilary – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. Chinese overseas network on 11 November, according to the U.S. "newspaper" reported that this year’s U.S. presidential election dust has settled, even if many people are not willing to accept, but the fact remains that Trump won in the United States the authority of the next 4 years. And immigration policy, almost the most distinctive label in the Trump presidential election, and now he is really elected, in the future we will be happy to emigrate to the United States? First of all, to review Trump’s immigration policy. To be sure, Trump is firmly opposed to illegal immigration. He has repeatedly promised in the campaign, if elected, he will use the executive power of the president, to implement a more powerful control of immigrants. To large-scale repatriation of illegal immigrants, he also advocated the construction of isolation between the Mexico and the United States to build a wall, "expulsion power" to those he described rapists and drug traffickers resettlement of criminal punishment. In the implementation details, he proposed immigration and customs law enforcement agencies to three times the current increase, requiring all companies to use identity electronic verification (E-Verify). He said it would "suspend" immigration applications from countries that are considered to have a history of terrorist activities against the United States, Europe and allies". So, Trump came to the United States intends to emigrate to the United States is a blessing or a curse? According to the "Chinese and globalization think-tank" and Social Science Literature Press published "international talent Blue Book: Chinese international migration reports (2014, 2015)", 2013, Chinese has become the fourth largest exporter of migrants. The United States is not only the largest stock of Chinese immigrants, but also the preferred destination for Chinese immigrants. Immigrants to the United States via 8 ways: investment immigration, marriage, immigration, a citizen of the United States as an outstanding talent and national interest waiver, employed by multinational companies to do the manager, relatives of immigrants, for protecting the fart green, give birth to the United states. According to the recent Chinese to obtain a green card data, 4 main ways Chinese usually choose for immediate relatives of immigrants, non lineal relatives of immigrants, asylum to obtain a green card through the occupation of immigration. Now, if Trump really tough on immigration policy implementation, the first is the operation is likely to be the United States children’s welfare. According to the existing laws of the United States, foreign children born in the United States can obtain U.S. citizenship, after the age of 21 can apply for immigration for parents and siblings. A lot of immigrants is the use of this provision, first in the United States, and then wait for many years, and finally through the children bleaching status, and then apply for other non family members to apply to the United states. At present, the United States is very popular with Chinese people, and even derived from a set of perfect industrial chain. According to relevant statistics show that 2007-2014 seven years.相关的主题文章: