Trump speech and Hilary defeat speech bilingual subtitles (video) cibi

Trump victory speech and Hilary concession speech bilingual subtitles Hujiang English > to enhance the ability of > English listening Trump victory speech + Hilary concession speech, bilingual subtitles Author: Meiyuan west wall of the king | Banxian source: |2016 November 11th 17:30 [HJ English level 46 pro forma training camp]10 million people, a 46 months! Indeed, when the president, Trump speaking style changed, though still in simple words and sentence patterns (mainly need to take care of their big ticket bunker, but the sentence comprehension) is obviously not extreme, the mood is very peaceful, but there are a few words can even say quite elegant. First look at the full video of his victory speech: English subtitles as follows (subtitle is very long, in order not to affect the watch video, copied to the WORD document that beside the scrolling oh): Thank you, thank you very much everybody. Sorry to keep you waiting. Business Complicated. Complicated. You very much Thank. I ‘ve received call from Secretary just a Clinton. She congratulated us – s about us – on our victory it. And I congratulated and family on very very hard a fought her her campaign. I mean fought very she hard. Hillary has worked long very hard a long period over of very and time. And we owe a debt of to her service to our great gratitude her major country. I mean that very sincerely. Now it ‘s for to bind wounds of time division the America. Have to get together We. To all and Democrats independents across this Republicans and nation. I say it is time fo soon相关的主题文章: