Travel essential! 2017 outbound travel schedule freshly baked!

Thailand’s tourist season, this time the weather is cool, during the day can enjoy the tropical style of Thailand, there will be no mosquitoes at night or because of hot and difficult to fall asleep. In addition, many South Island will open to tourists during this period, to experience the full range of island style, northern Chiang Mai million Sky Lantern Festival will be held during this period of time.


best travel time: addition to September

in September by burning straw throughout Indonesia, Singapore air quality is very poor, the haze shrouded, low visibility, to tourists need to make preparation for protection.

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best travel time: 11 months – February

in Vietnam during the dry season and cool season, the weather is relatively cool, at the same time, this time is the time in Vietnam holiday gathered, the January Dalat Flower Festival, the Spring Festival of February, visitors can easily feel more pure style of Vietnam in the festival.


best travel time: 11 months to the end of April next year,

from May to November due to wet season rain, the weather changes, relatively speaking, is the off-season tourism in Maldives, especially for photography lovers, that come rain but taboo.


best travel time: 11 months to April

this is the winter of Kampuchea, blowing dry cool northeast monsoon, the average temperature of 25 degrees C ~ 32 c, is the best tourist season.

Sri Lanka

best travel time: 1 months -3 month

hot tourist destinations are more concentrated in the southwest, this time less rainfall, air temperature.

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best travel time: 5 months -7 month

Saipan is suitable for travel throughout the year, but every year 8-10 months is the typhoon season, travel or need to be cautious.

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