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  • November 19, 2017
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To the world’s top natural history museum to see the extinction of ancient animal – Sohu palatial magnificent Vienna tourism into the Museum of natural history, suddenly became a child, curiosity that the true to life animal specimens, we uncover the meteorite stars to the planet of fantasy and mystery. A museum of the city of light travel, so that we are more on the earth of all things to love life deep, to the evolution of all things to pay tribute to the world! Even if it is not a pure sense of the museum, when I visited Vienna a famous twin Museum "Vienna Museum of natural history" and "Vienna Art Museum", into a deep infatuation can not extricate themselves, but also extremely envy of the Viennese can at any time to enjoy the museum to their spiritual feast. Vienna Museum of natural history, the first move people, and not the body of the circle made 25 thousand years ago on behalf of the oldest human art in "Venus of Willendorf", known to land several floors are not the return rate of 100% high with a history of 16 million years, the longest Liang Long vertebrate fossil bones of course, Maria is not · Queen Teresa made with more than 2 thousand and 800 pieces of stone and gave Frantz a world of precious flowers…… But its magnificent architectural style, while standing on the staircase made with Carrara marble, and carved with the world’s first researchers and naturalist statue of the Great Hall of the palace, gorgeous and elegant body blessing, each of the visitors are the moment that he is full of adventure dream trance like Duke, experienced a thrilling and magnificent adventure from later points the nature of the booty. If the Vienna Museum of natural history began in Frantz I’s preferences, it seems not too much. He has a strong interest in natural science, the distant era captured more than 30000 animal species, including the value of his top officials once a year of income the stairs of conch shells. Today’s Vienna Museum of natural history collections have reached as many as 30 million, has always occupied the leading position of the world’s natural museum. Vienna Museum of natural history collections not only reach the peak of perfection, Emperor Joseph I committed to "explore the mysteries of nature" interest, and was full of yearning for nature Explorer countless adventures are closely related. For the Europeans, the hot and humid rainforest climate is almost unbearable, the danger is everywhere, tropical disease is difficult to cure, but the nineteenth Century explorer, taxidermists but in order to explore and understand the natural world in the tropics had unbelievable small 20 years. The true to life through thousands of animal specimens, we can see clearly the details of the ultra close today, the ancient extinct life reality, they quietly stay in all kinds of ancient showcase, true as if still alive, see these strange, unique, colorful, rich and colorful species, our infinite ya相关的主题文章: