To the cold weather! Foot bath water by adding a treasure general benefit

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  • November 18, 2017
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To the cold weather! Feet of water with a treasure body benefit "the old cold legs with a" word "old", let many people mistakenly believe that this is the older patents, but it is not the case. Because they do not pay attention to keep warm, some young people will be the old cold legs troubled. A cold weather, leg swelling, numbness, pain, this is the precursor of the old cold legs. Although the old leg after treatment will be improved, but it is a "disease", encounter cold weather or cold, very easy to relapse. As the saying goes, "cold from the foot, lower extremity warm, systemic benefit". For the old rheumatism patients, usually can use hot foot bath. The 12 meridians are 6 originated in the soles of the feet, feet can stimulate the meridian running effect. Adequate blood, blood flow, cold dampness evil nowhere to hide, legs naturally worry free. Feet when in the water add some cold dispelling drugs, common kitchen pepper is a good cold medicine. Pepper Quhan warm, belongs to the class of drugs in Chinese medicine, it can remove the viscera of the cold, and can promote blood circulation, regulating joint. First catch a pepper adding water and suffering, to be fully integrated into the drug water poured into the pot first smoked feet, the water used to cool to the feet when the feet can. In this process can continue to add hot pepper water, water to cover the ankle as well, soak for half an hour, to the body sweating slightly. Because, sweating is the best way to dispel cold. In addition to pepper leaves, Quhan dehumidification effect is good. Feet, should pay attention to the following questions: 1, the best time is 15-20 minutes long soaking time should not be too long, with 15-2030 minutes is appropriate. When the foot blood will flow to the lower extremity, easy brain insufficiency. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, if the elderly feel chest tightness, dizziness, should be stopped temporarily when, have a rest. Peripheral diabetic patients feel poor, the family should try to prevent the occurrence of scalding water. 2, the best water temperature at 40 degrees C -50 C temperature can not be too high. Many people think that as long as their tolerance range, natural water temperature is higher, it is not. The best water soaking at 50 DEG C, for hot but not hot, not to feel the temperature measurement, the best is to use the foot to feel. If the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels on the foot is easy to over expansion, the body blood flow to the lower extremities, but easily lead to heart, brain, kidney and other important organs of the blood supply, adverse to the body. 3, water is not too deep, the bottom is best to use a larger wooden barrel or enamel basin, can let the feet in inside, and the best water has been soaked to the calf. 4 feet should not do when reading, do not soak the foot of two minds watching TV, so easy to achieve "fire Guiyuan" effect. (Phoenix)相关的主题文章: