To -28, such as the Antarctic wilderness in the United States as cowboy gallop from the Arctic

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  • March 16, 2017
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travel to the western United States, driving is the best way to travel. Not only because the United States is a country on wheels, wherever necessary to drive as a means of transport, but also because there are too many countries need a car park tour, not only time, all routes are determined by their own, can also be in love before the wayward scenery to stay as long as you like, after all, this is a truly their own journey.

American car rental

is a very simple thing in the car, small car rental companies, innumerable. Whether in the airport or in the city center has a lot of car rental points, just according to the word of mouth and price to make a choice for their own good.

My car is usually

in the United States choose more outlets and service guarantees large car rental companies, because sometimes the website in a foreign country may enjoy more preferential booking, I will look at the official website of the price of the car rental company and the domestic and UK website price online, then choose a cost-effective solution.

because of different state laws in the United States, for China license if you need a translation and just demands are not the same, but in the western United States basically is not fair, directly with the Chinese license and translation to car rental.

car rental procedures are extremely simple, if in the online booking and select models, just need to get a passport, driver’s license, credit card and print online booking to the car rental company’s counter to the staff, and then sign a rental agreement on it.

staff will be based on the selected models to tell you where their car parked in the car, you just follow their instructions to the parking lot, to find the rental vehicles can drive away. (the key is usually in the car) from the formalities to get the rental vehicles, before and after the total time will be able to get a little more than ten minutes.

wilderness drive

driving in the western United States, if the coastal California Road, a beautiful girl, then across the Grand Canyon in Colorado, this section of Highway 66 is a slightly changed the western cowboy.

there is no blue sea in California, only the lofty mountains and wilderness, as well as the wilderness of those who do not dry weeds and shrubs.

because of the excellent vision here, like a road up to the sky, so the wind to feel the bag outside. Just like riding a horse in the wilderness, the cowboy, can safely go ahead. At this point, the heart seems to have broken away from the shackles of the past, took off to get up, to experience a never had the relaxation and pleasure.

occasionally parked in a scenic roadside, get off the west of the United States feel the shortage;