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Home-Securtiy A pest control expert in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mitch Taylor is the general manager of Capital Pest Services, Inc., a full-service extermination .pany that handles all types of jobs. According to Taylor, one of the easiest, quickest ways to tell if a home has fleas is to watch for any fleas jumping around or biting either you or one of your pets. While flea infestations can happen to anyone at any time of the year, they are the most .mon in the warmer months. Again, this just has to do with the hotter temperatures, because insects and insect life is just much more active in the natural areas of the foliage during the warmer months. Spot Flea Infestations Although the countless tests and kits are available on the market for homeowners to purchase these days, the best way to determine whether your home has fleas also happens to be the cheapesttake a look. If you or your pets are being bitten by tiny insects, or if you get near the carpet and see these tiny bugs jumping in the air, then you can be fairly certain that you have a flea infestation problem. By putting a white piece of paper along the ground or the baseboard that connects to the carpeted area in your home, you can also spot a flea infestation. If homeowners do this and then keep an eye on the paper, then oftentimes they will be able to see when fleas are jumping on the paper. They will usually show up pretty easily on that piece of white paper. What You Can or Cant Do People often think they can take care of a flea problem .pletely on their own, but that just isnt the case. I do not re.mend that homeowners try killing fleas on their own using the over-the-counter chemicals that can be purchased at any home goods store. Instead, I think that hiring a professional pest control specialist to handle the flea problem will be well worth the extra cost. A lot of the over-the-counter chemicals will only kill adult fleas, not the flea eggs that are soon to hatch. The active ingredients wont adhere to the egg sacks, so the eggs are in there, and although the adults are being killed, the egg sacks are still being hatched and the new ones are able to be born and basically create the infestation problem all over again. On the other hand, one thing that a homeowner can do on his own to help limit the fleas in his house is to vacuum regularlyespecially during the summer months. Doing this will help control fleas by getting rid of their eggs that have been laid in the carpet before they hatch. Have a Flea Treatment Done Additionally, I advise people not to get content thinking that they cant have a flea problem once their pets start taking one of the flea pills that are .monly prescribed by veterinarians or sold over-the-counter at many stores. These pills tend to give homeowners a false sense of protection, because homeowners incorrectly think that fleas cannot be infesting their home if their pet is taking one of these pills. In fact, fleas can infest a home even when a pet is taking a flea medication or pill. The only different from when the pet is not taking the pill is that the pet is protected from fleasnot everyone else in the home. Just because your pets might have flea protection from the pills or the liquid doesnt mean that the fleas cant still jump on them. It just means the fleas cant bite them. Therefore, its a good idea that you call a pest control .pany the moment a flea problem is suspected, before it has time to grow. I re.mend having a flea treatment done, ideally in the inside area where the fleas are suspected to be. Having a flea treatment done by a pest .pany can help not only control the adult fleas that are already jumping around inside the home, but also kill the flea eggs before they begin to hatch. Because of the aerosols that are used when spraying the chemicals to get rid of fleas in homes, it is a mandatory rule that homeowners, their children, and their petsall inhabitantsbe gone from the home for several hours after the treatment has taken place. If you suspect that you may have a flea infestation in Raleigh, then call a pest control .pany immediately, since businesses like Capital Pest Services can get rid of all of the fleas inside a home in one swoop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: