Tianjin small yellow car small green car filled the streets to share a bike to the problem

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  • March 9, 2017
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Tianjin small yellow car small green car filled the streets to share a bike to the problem

mobile search location, scan code lock, convenient payment…… In recent days, Jincheng Street large yellow green bike, these are called "little green" "yellow" and "bike sharing" caused concern. As a new form of service, the emergence of shared bicycle is not only convenient for people to travel, but also advocate and practice the green travel, help to reduce urban traffic congestion, reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. However, with the emergence of the "shared bicycle" in Tianjin, some of its problems have followed, and need to be paid attention to.

reporter experience

this morning, reporters at the Wujiayao subway station in front of a bicycle parked on the roadside to see sharing. According to the guidance of the staff, the reporter first downloaded a shared bicycle app, after verification, paid a deposit of 99 yuan, then the name and identity card number of the real name authentication. After the operation, you can use the bike.

sharing bikes are equipped with locks, each bike has a license plate number, when used, enter the license plate number on app, you will get the password to unlock the car, will enter the password to lock, you can unlock the bike ride away. The reporter found a lot of riding along the dike road, next to the bus station parked vehicles "yellow" and "green" bike sharing.

because of sharing the bike without car will be returned to the designated location, so reporters at the end of the trip will be at the car parked in the earthworm daily building nearby. After the end of the phone to choose the trip, the payment of 1 yuan, lock the bike, the entire process is completed, after the generation of the unlock password will be canceled. Since the reporter is a new registered users, app has a few 1 yuan coupons, so the first experience of the car did not spend money. Subsequently, the reporter applied for a deposit refund, 10 minutes after the deposit refund has arrived.

because each car is equipped with a positioning device, the next time you want to use, you can find nearby vehicles available through app. The password lock and positioning device, but also increase the bicycle anti-theft coefficient, so that the ride experience is very convenient, once launched by many young people welcome. But the reporter visited found that the use of shared bicycle process, but also exposed some problems.

: a Luantingluanfang how to do

Italian style street Marco Polo Plaza, a woman will be a "yellow" by a statue stopped to go. However, this is not the right place to store a bike, but the woman did not agree with it, anyway, does not affect the parking traffic on the line. It’s a big problem if you ride your own car to get out of the car."

in the course of the visit, the sharing of the use of the bicycle after the phenomenon of chaos is not an example, many people after the ride, just put the car on the roadside. Especially in Binjiang Road, the Italian style street and ancient culture street so that visitors all >