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In February 5th 7 traders are concerned about U.S. news Sina News Beijing 5, Bloomberg reported, following the February 5th 7 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 5 ranked 7 on the Bloomberg terminal trader. 1) lonely long Renminbi called the hedge fund betting on the wrong bet 2) offshore RMB rally continued with onshore spreads narrowed; attention China reserves data January 3) Chinese relaxed requirements for QFII investment quota and the remittance of funds 4) Chinese central bank [micro-blog] Li Bo: "three" mode does not meet the requirements of modern macroeconomics Prudential policy framework 5) Hongkong investment credit card to avoid warranty Ming Du Chencang new regulations to limit the purchase of foreign told this way. 6) Chinese foreign exchange bureau is expected in 2016 basically stable international balance of cross-border capital flow risk control 7) HSBC said Chinese weakened the European leading position in the market of green financial bonds on the 8) Summary: the European Central Bank policy tools not all; Merrill Lynch said the Fed or considering the negative interest rate 9) to "share" in the China government. Hammer lever or trigger bond stampede risk 10) dollar in the onshore or offshore RMB to expand the night set; higher onshore exchange rate reaching 11) analyst: China relax capital flow regulations is a welcome move 12) China central bank: continue to implement prudent monetary policy 13) the development of the next five years China Yajian crude steel production target is still unable to resolve the problem of excess or 14) Chinese sovereign debt default risk rose to 6 in 2013, money shortage since the high point of 15) update: Chinese fourth quarter non reserve financial account preliminary data for a deficit of $199 billion 700 million — 16) foreign exchange bureau Reuters: Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission approved the establishment of [micro-blog] to leverage ETF and reverse ETF 17) South Korea and Chinese left out of the fund deposit linked bonds for Chinese credit market risk increased by 18 China E-Dragon) per share will be 9 U. Yuan or $18 per ADS price of the acquisition of elong 19) Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac biotech privatization proposal received 20) New York: the currencies of euro and yen to make at least a biggest weekly gain since 2011

2月5日7点交易员正关注要闻   新浪美股讯 北京时间5日彭博报道,以下为2月5日7点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于5日7点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。   1)孤独的人民币多头称对冲基金押错赌注   2)离岸人民币涨势延续 与在岸价差收窄;关注中国一月外汇储备数据   3)中国放宽有关QFII投资额度和资金汇出的规定   4)中国央行[微博]李波:“一行三会”模式不符合现代宏观审慎政策框架要求   5)香港刷卡投保修明道 规避购汇限制渡陈仓 监管新规告知此路不通   6)中国外汇局预计2016年国际收支基本平稳 跨境资金流动风险可控   7)汇丰表示中国削弱了欧洲在绿色金融债券市场上的主导地位   8)观点综述:欧洲央行政策工具未用尽;美银美林称美联储或考虑负利率   9)以“股”为鉴 中国政府打击杠杆或引发债市踩踏风险   10)在岸人民币兑美元夜盘扩大涨幅;离岸人民币走高 趋近在岸汇价   11)分析师:中国放松资本流动规定是一项受欢迎的举措   12)中国央行:继续实施稳健的货币政策   13)中国制定未来五年压减粗钢产能目标 或仍无法化解过剩问题   14)中国主权债务违约风险攀升至2013年6月钱荒以来高点   15)更新:中国四季度非储备金融账户为逆差1,997亿美元–外汇局初步数据   16)路透:香港证监会[微博]准备批准设立杠杆ETF和反向ETF   17)韩国基金冷落与中国存款挂钩的债券 因中国信贷市场风险上升   18)China E-Dragon将以每股9美元或每ADS 18美元的价格收购艺龙   19)中国疫苗生产商科兴控股接到私有化收购建议   20)纽约汇市:欧元和日元取得至少2011年以来最大周涨幅相关的主题文章: