Three details of the perfect tile paving tile

Three details of the perfect tile paving tiles?? want to lay the tile joint details play a crucial role. Tile is not a simple thing, not only consider the season and time, but also taking into account the material and method of operation of filling, the following three must pay attention to details. Three details of the perfect tile paving tiles (pictures from the network)?? first, pay attention to filling time?? the expert points out, after paving tiles in the completion of 24 hours, can be filled. This is because after tiling, enough to downtown by, in case of joint carelessly, may lead to tile mobile status. In addition, early filling, sealing agent is easy to return. In view of the construction of ceramic tiles in the early decoration, easy to dirty. So it might be filling decoration on end. Of course, in filling before the need to tile gap inside the dust debris to clean up. ?? Second, choose the filling materials?? common filling materials: white cement, putty powder, sealant, the joint agents etc.. These materials. White cement and putty powder is the traditional filling materials. However, the performance of these two materials are lacking. Often, a short time effect is acceptable, but for a long time will come off, such as leakage gap. Moreover, the waterproof performance of white cement and poor putty powder. Lead in damp places. Zhuanfeng especially easy to blacken. In view of this, more and more special tile sealant used in the decoration of the family. After formula material sealant is specially designed, so it better adhesion than white cement and other traditional materials have, after drying the higher wear resistance, good strength, and low water absorption rate, not easy to damp and dirt. ?? Third, filling process in place?? different tiles, filling the process is slightly different. In general, Zhuanfeng small tiles can not caulk. While cultural brick or antique brick tiles are not angled equilateral angle, the joint should be careful not to brick edge angle together filled, so as not to affect the results. In view of the sealant material cost is high, so the outdoor balcony area, brick seam area, cement mortar can be used instead of a reasonable allocation. ?? Tile note three details, paved tiles no longer difficult. I hope this article can help to decorate friends. — — — — — — — –相关的主题文章: