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Those "famous" copy reporter, now in where? Sohu news in this article, you will see the following contents: non fiction "1986, and" drifting burst of red network, sharp eyed netizens posting, revealing evidence of plagiarism". Literary plagiarism disaster, the media reporter from addiction…… Supervision is not enough, or the community is too tolerant? Cut and paste plus splicing, is the creation of this era of attitude? Or let us have the shackles of fame? Finishing? Xue Qihui non fiction "in 1986, and" red burst suddenly reversed half drift. September 15th, users of wavelet Fuwa issued a copy of the copy of the king’s diary into the 1986 life and death drift, boasting people blush, directed at a copy of the text of Wang Maojun’s Diary of the 1986. Wang Maojun is in 1986 to participate in the Yangtze River rafting expedition team captain, 10 years ago, when he drifted the Yangtze River in the past 20 years, open the year of the Yangtze River rafting adventure diary. Sharp eyed Netizens found these two articles, whether it is in the statement of the arrangement and content, there are many similar.   the users mentioned in the article: "life and death" in 1986, "the biggest problem is drifting, no matter who the two authors interviewed, interviewed many people, at present in the fact that they are directly copied from others written. This feature formed on the two layer readers misleading, first, mislead readers think it is hopeless Jane Warren active help, second, mislead the reader will have the text as their interview results. The former is the latter violated the news curry favour by claptrap, moral." The creation of a 1986 article of the "90" independent writer, said that this is a period of 4 months, the course of the work was completed only about 3000 kilometers to complete the work of two. 30 years ago that the Yangtze River exploration and create a great sensation through this article again entered people’s field of vision. You can read the 18000 word text feature in a number of online media platform. At present, watercress score of 9, the reader response was overwhelming, rave reviews.   if plagiarism is true, after the publicity will become eye-catching tricks, readers support is chilling. Plagiarism in literary works is not uncommon in china. The young writer Guo Jingming in 2003 created a "dream whispering" accused of plagiarism writer Zhuang Yu’s "quanliquanwai". Beijing Higher People’s court made the final judgment, Guo Jingming and his publisher to compensate for the loss of 200 thousand Yuan Zhuang yu. In addition, in 2002 the "budding" published works "-", accused of plagiarism of Japanese comics "tradition"; "summer solstice" refers to the characters and the plot and the Japanese cartoon "NANA" similar…… Copy the experience of such rich Guo Jingming, still put a pair of "I am afraid I’m famous" attitude, the face of the accused will never bow, with young and sitting on the mansion "nouveau riche" temperament, was once regarded as a "successful society". Not only that, open, powder, countless microphone Mongolia could not escape the storm plagiarism in less than a year.相关的主题文章: