This old door could change a villa Are they still there

in Yunnan Honghe trip, the number two at the ancient city of Shiping Jianshui, travel the most deep and full, do not say first in the Yunnan borderland such astonishing ancient Chinese wind, more surprising is to Yunnan so many times, feel more and more understanding of Yunnan is so shallow. Probably because of this, I found a novelty are highly prized joy.

Yunnan Honghe Shiping is the last leg of the trip, when noon arrived Zheng Ying Village, the village has 600 years of exquisite people as the acme of perfection. Follow the local ground without modification of the shuttle in the street alley, often because of a fall under the eaves vines and stopped, will be for a house and could not help but burst into the courtyard of others, not easy to pick it took us to the front of a house, "Chen houses" the former residence of Chen Heting in the late Qing Dynasty jinshi.

Chen Heting is Yunnan’s fame and not only is he built Yunnan’s first private railway, mainly initiated in his life in the heart of education, school education, office of the shiping schools, training a lot of outstanding talents. In addition, Chen Jinshi of official corruption, corruption and prostitution, in the war for the country to raise in the ring, jugongjincui. So after his death, the people he built ancestral hall, built the statue for later, yang.

Chen courtyard momentum let people off, start from the door will be able to feel the government is elegant, three courtyard style buildings, a large family from the nave to the house of Commons, a more than an elegant extravagance, every step forward the surprise increasingly rich, wood doors and windows hollow carved no lavish but exquisite ancient times.

around the courtyard wooden loft did not present the traces of the vicissitudes of life, like a dream of Red Mansions, the bluestone floor step really abruptly left the years trailing stop, guide visitors in perception. Just enter the central courtyard to direct sunshine, which then forget where and when each phase with thoughts only to touch the past past carved.

do not know how long, until one is gone, don’t give up on the attic, gently walk every step, slowly deep in the hundred years old, Chen Jinshi family legacy of each poem deeply into the wood such as here in. So that it does not reduce the elegance of a hundred years, with the years brewing but mellow.

two is a lady’s boudoir, floating outside the corridor with a long wooden railing?, light relies on the fence, looked up at the blue sky floating white clouds. Compared with the free floating clouds deep ancient house is so strong, so the sky can deeply aware of the lady of the outside world to infinite time.

color glazed window with a simple and beautiful wooden building, let the deep colors add a bit bright, stay here a moment like reading ancient books;