Think not to supervision obligations of 3 damaged homeowners sued the Langao County Land Bure

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  • November 15, 2017
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Think not to supervision obligations of   3 damaged homeowners sued the Langao County Land Bureau, Shaanxi channel — original title: that the failure to monitor and guard duty 3 households owners sued the damaged land bureau of Langao County Bureau of land management in a landslide prone area sudden landslides, caused 16 nearby homes damaged to varying degrees. After fruitless negotiations, the most serious damage to the 3 homeowners and Construction Land Bureau to court. In this regard, Langao County Land Bureau do slip a responsible person said that the region belongs to debris flows, landslides had been repeatedly, do and governance corresponding protective measures, the court ruled that the results will be based on the responsibility. The landslide occurred in September 26th ten homes treatment project construction, the China Daily reporter arrived at the Langao County Chengguan town of bamboo and rattan factory in the hospital, because it is the rainy day, two houses damaged buildings many leaks, formed a lot of water on the public corridor. Wu Chengyin house is located in the two floors of a building, in 2013, he bought the housing for less than a year, has become dangerous due to landslides. China Daily reporter at the scene to see, Wu Chengyin house walls, cracks and deformation of Liang Zhu, has been unable to live. Two other owners and Wu Xufang’s house Dingcheng Bentgrasses also severely damaged. It is understood that the two buildings in the hospital built in the last century, Taketo, 90s. 2001, two buildings next to the small white rock was confirmed by the Langao county government as a hillside debris flow area. April 2014, by the Langao County Bureau of public bidding, by the successful bidder Shaanxi Huahai Water Conservancy Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huahai water company) to start the implementation of small white rock landslide control project. In August of the same year, a small white tiger rock landslides, resulting in bamboo and rattan factory the whole building tilted to the northeast, many houses were damaged to varying degrees. Since then, the construction area of the two slide. Subsequently, the Langao county government to implement the two phase of remedial work, and in April 2015 will be the most serious damage to the housing residents moved out of the resettlement of 3 yuan per month allowance of $600. But for subsequent compensation issues, because the two sides repeatedly fruitless negotiations, the county government suggested that the residents involved in the housing after the identification of judicial proceedings, and bear the cost of litigation. The identification of the book that did not take preventive measures during the construction of the landslide in March 28, 2016, Wu Chengyin and two other residents were Langao County Land Resources Bureau and the China Sea Water Conservancy company jointly sued the Langao County People’s court, that the Bureau failed to fulfill its supervision duties, China Sea Water Company does not take any protective case forced construction, demand for housing damaged bear compensation responsibility. Wu Chengyin said, the government is not the point of this disaster, but our house is damaged in the governance process, and their construction is certainly related. Prior to the court had done two mediation, but I do not recognize." In April 26th of the same year, Ankang City Intermediate People’s court commissioned a forensic laboratory identification of damaged houses were identified. In June 19th, Shaanxi Xinyuan construction project appraisal opinions of judicial identification issued by the show: the whole house safety appraisal rating for the Dsu level, has seriously affected the overall carrying capacity, the proposed demolition and reconstruction. Identification of the book that the landslide in August 2014相关的主题文章: