Thin back an inch, life for ten years Back up and do it quickly!

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  • March 3, 2017
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The back of the

can be said to be a barometer of the health of the body, is a solid protective barrier, both in the growth and development of children, or energetic young adults, or care of elderly people, pay attention to the back, right back to health care, injected vigor and vitality.

see your health from the back


, ‘s prominent pigmentation long neck and shoulder strain, easily lead to periarthritis of shoulder, neck and shoulder meridian barrier, insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain, prone to dizziness and headache, palpitation and chest tightness.

, long pox gut Supian will be piled up, toxins slow metabolism, constipation, abdominal distension, bowel.

lung zone

Pulmonary function,

pores, pigmentation weakened, easily lead to nasopharyngeal, rhinitis, pharyngitis, throat symptoms, itching, shortness of breath, easy to get angry.

core area

large pores, pigmentation, acne , heart Huo Wang, shallow sleep dreaminess, palpitation, palpitations, cold hands and feet.

liver zone

was raised , anger, depression or bad temper, easily lead to alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver, gallstones.

splenic area

has integrity, swelling of , color dark yellow, wrinkles significantly, poor appetite, stomach or stomach, stomach bloating halitosis, muscle relaxation, easy bruising, irregular menstruation.

renal zone

black, pigmentation, wrinkles, kidney deficiency, kidney qi deficiency yaoyan deep , easy hair loss, memory loss, sleep quality is not high, black eye, eye, tinnitus, easy to edema.


blue, black, long pox , endocrine disorders, uterine cold, irregular menstruation, endometritis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease.

we always pay attention to the maintenance of the face, and often ignore the back of the maintenance. But throughout the ages;