The winter tour of Hulun Buir. Very cold Genhe village Aoluguya deer tribe

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  • March 18, 2017
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Hulun Buir: very cold winter tour Chinese + cold + village Aoluguya deer tribe

where is the coldest place in China?

how cold is the coldest place in China?

China’s cold pole exactly where?

"North China" in Heilongjiang, Mohe County, but have you ever heard of China’s cold pole? Located in the north of Genhe City, more than 10 kilometers, there is a primitive village, the locals called extremely cold village. Although latitude in the south of Mohe County, but because of the high latitude, the annual average temperature of -5.3 degrees, known as the "China cold pole", the historical record of the lowest temperature is -58. Every year around Christmas, Genhe will be invited from Finland to hold a certificate of Santa Claus come here personally for tourists is very cold issued certificate, certificate will be marked on the day of the lowest temperature and the names of visitors, but this proved himself the glory of victory over the cold.

we do not have such a cold winter, there is no such thick snow. A lot of friends in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and winter like to see snow in the Northeast snow township. This trip back, I recommend to friends of the cold village of Inner Mongolia, here is quite a northeast snow Township style. We have got to the village lady cook us Dongbei, do also experience ice Tomatoes on sticks, dog sledding, skiing Mara slope, slip ring, wonderful

ice sugar strawberry candy, Tomatoes on sticks, Heizao… In the minus 58 degrees cold village, Bel cool to eat!

2016.12.24 Merry Christmas! From 58 degrees below zero – China cold pole [cold pole village] greetings

dog sledding, horse drawn sleigh, reindeer pull sled…


, pogonip rime rime…

skiing, ice skating, snowball fights…

ice Tomatoes on sticks chicken mushroom stew, stew pot of various

we came to China the coldest place – away from the hubbub. Away from the haze of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hulun Buir Genhe City, extreme low temperature of -58 DEG C "China extremely cold"!

Alaska, Husky Sled Dog is really fun!

in the cold pole of the village for a long time, such as the process of the meal, we ride a sleigh, open snow motorcycle, slip the tire, simply can not stop

cold pole village

twist Yangko, snowman

Winter Tour: Hulun Buir Aoluguya reindeer (caribou)


12.24 Christmas Eve, my Christmas has snow and deer. Mention Christmas, but also can not forget the Christmas spirit;