The typhoon malakas with strong rainfall across Taiwan – Beijing-zghd

The typhoon "malakas" with strong rainfall over the new network in Taiwan Xinhua news agency, Taipei – 17 September Xinhua (reporter Liu Gang Xu Xueyi) the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" 17 am to begin large-scale impact in Taiwan, although the wind not just past the typhoon "Meranti", but on the evening of the same day to heavy rainfall is still shrouded in northern Taiwan. According to Taiwan Disaster Response Center statistics, as of now has not yet found casualties. Taiwan meteorological department pointed out that the center of the typhoon that night in the northeast of Taipei sea, moving slowly north to northeast. Typhoon intensity has weakened and the storm has narrowed, but the storm is still shrouded in Yilan and Northern Hsinchu, the region continued to wind and rain. According to meteorological department observation station, the night of 16 to 17 days of evening, accumulated a larger rainfall area including Chiayi County, Yunlin County, Shi Panlong 237 mm Tsaoling 206 mm, Taipei City oil pit on the evening of 17 increased to 206.5 mm. Around the larger gust including Peng Chia Yu 13, Orchid Island 11. To press time, Taipei is still in the wind in the rain, it is difficult to walk, from time to time to make strong gusts umbrella almost lost the role. A wide range of heavy rainfall easily triggered landslides disaster, Taiwan agricultural water conservancy departments on the same day in Nantou, Chiayi issued 11 debris flow and 126 yellow warning red alert. This is following the departure of the 15 day just this year the strongest typhoon "Meranti", Taiwan suffered second strong typhoon, the island has been restored once again blocked traffic. The same day, is located in the northeast of the island of Taiwan Railway North loop, Pingsi Line, Yilan, most of the time in the suspended state; sea voyage is suspended in 93; airlines canceled 183 flights, while a number of flight delays, the vast majority of flights between the two sides. As the typhoon moved northward, Taiwan Land alert range is gradually reduced. But Yilan, Taipei, Keelung and New Taipei, Taoyuan area, is still in strict vigilance. Taiwan Meteorological Department estimates, Maleka storm will be 18 at the time of departure from the land at the time of 11, off the coast of Taiwan from the time of 4, will be released on land and maritime security.相关的主题文章: