The sequel was cut! DreamWorks crazy primitive 2 aborted sopor aeternus

The sequel was cut! DreamWorks "crazy primitive 2" aborted crazy primitive man Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the global company has recently decided to cut the DreamWorks Animation "crazy Claude" a primitive man (The Croods) sequel project, which is the global parent company — the U.S. cable giant Con Kast (Comcast) this April 3 billion acquisition of DreamWorks Animation Company (DreamWorks Animation), DreamWorks Animation’s first cut project. The 2013 animated "crazy man" tells the story of the original original Claude a search for a new home story, after the release of the film made $587 million at the worldwide box office record, but accounted for only 1/3 of the North American box office. Maybe that’s why global decided to cancel the sequel. "Crazy" was released in January 5, 2018 2 original people still follow Chris Saunders, the sequel (Chris Sanders) and Kirk de micko (Kirk De Micco) director of group of two people, then the story will be the first set at the end of the development, the audience will see more Gaye (Guy) and heroine ipuh (Eep) and her father "lattice (Grug) interaction between three people. The main actor Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds), Nicholas Cage (Nicolas Cage) and Ama Stone (Emma Stone) will return. But as it is cut, it’s all gone. (NEMO) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: