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Software A time tracking software is an illustrative online tool which keeps a track of the time being devoted by an employee over a particular project. Since it is an internet based application, all the information is available with just a click of mouse. The relevance of an online time tracking software is discussed below: 1. It provides you with a thorough analysis of time spend and billable hours The most practical usage of an online time tracking software is that it provides you with a thorough analysis of the entire time spend by an employee on a particular task and thus you get to know the billable hours you owe to him or her. Besides the scope of the online time tracking software is really huge. You can use the software for a particular time or for all of your employees. It provides you with .plete details of what each of your employee, regardless of different branch etc. You can view and analyze their productivity on per hour, per day, per week or monthly basis. 2. The best available tool if you are working with freelancers in case you have outsourced the working to the freelancers who are charging you on a per hour basis, the online time tracking software is your best bet. You can easily keep the track of the time spent by them on your project and henceforth know the billable hours. A time tracking software .prises of instant invoicing services, where from the freelancer staff can create instant invoices, hence there is no blockage in the smooth flow of work. Since you can easily manage the billable hours and all the information is transparent between both the parties, there is no scope for mis.munication or misinterpretation. 3. Better management of the work being scattered across geography online time tracking software is the best option to keep a track of the workings of each office, in case you have different functioning units in different parts of geography. With the online time tracking software you get to know which of the employee is working on which of the project for what amount of time, even if you are not physically present there. As the entire system works upon the cloud based processes, you get an instant access to any of your offices in no time. 4. Keep a track of multiple workloads with the time tracking software a time tracking software is an easy and effective way of keeping a track of all the work load, especially if you are handling multiple clients, multiple work processes at a single given point of time. A time tracking software differentiates the work done on various factors like the client whose project it is, the employee who is working on it and for what duration. Thus if an employee has handled two different clients in a single day, you get to know the different time and efforts spend on each one of them. 5. It gives you a global access perhaps we are just reiterating our point being made before, but a time tracking software does provides you with a global access. It is the best option if you are a multi national .pany or aspiring to be one. Each and every piece of information is available to you over the inter., without any extra burdensome effort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: