The prisoners escaped Jun 120 hours using hand face from the monitor (Figure)-cashmere mafia

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  • April 16, 2018
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The prisoners escaped Jun 120 hours: using hand face from the monitor (Figure) Lei Jun was arrested by the police in their relatives at home. Lei Jun was arrested after police for the picture was taken back to the interrogation room. Original title: escape the police for 120 hours after the criminal justice Lei "he has certain anti reconnaissance capabilities, after the camera will put his hand over his face, but also the" friction "driver’s helmet on his head." Caidian prison inmates Lei on the early morning of September 29th after the arrest, one involved in the arrest of members of the panel said. From September 24th to September 29th at 1 pm, at 1 pm, Hubei Province, Caidian prison inmates Lei Jun escaped in a hospital of Wuhan City medical treatment after 120 hours, Hubei police arrested. Hunan Yueyang Hubei Chibi detour back home early in the morning of September 24th 1, Lei Jun from the Department of urology ward in Hanyang hospital escape. The hospital’s surveillance video shows, the time of escape in a Lei, taxi pulled out of the gate of the hospital. The police then retrieved the city monitoring in Wuhan City, Lei Jun finally found by the taxi arrived at the Wuchang Railway Station, and then change the number of cabs, fled to Xianning direction. Xianning and Chibi police quickly set up more than and 10 point card to intercept dispatched, but time has passed 60 hours, until 26 PM, Lei Jun’s whereabouts any arrangement did not touch the police, and the police after a large number of clues Mopai, its whereabouts appeared in the Yueyang Tower District of Hunan city of Yueyang Province express street. Hubei police then rushed to the Hunan Yueyang, finally found the path of Lei Jun. 25, 15:05 to 16:30, Lei Jun take "rub" express into the street, stranded after an hour, and a "rub" car to the train station. The ad hoc group members told the Beijing News reporter, the police after the analysis, Lei June to YueYang Railway Station, is actually in order to create the illusion that the police thought he would choose to ride the train to flee. "He did not go down to the other side of the car," he said. "Instead, he went to a lot of people and went to another direction." Then by the Yueyang District of Yunxi Lei heading Linxiang, arrived in Linxiang passenger station nearby, he again changed to a "black taxi" by country road to Chibi City, Zhao Li town. The distance from Wuchang to Chibi is about 130 kilometers, and the distance from Wuchang to Hunan is close to the distance of about 230 km, and the distance from Yueyang to is close to the distance of 120 km. Lei Jun escape road around in a circle, with more than more than and 200 kilometers away from the cost of the police interceptor. But the final destination is the place of his household registration — Chibi, Hubei. Wearing a helmet, using hand face to avoid monitoring Lei was born in 1971. Chen Keqin (a pseudonym) in the impression of their own "small", the "head Emmanuel, good at communication, great heart." In 1990, the 19 year old Lei joined the army, due to violation of discipline was expelled from the army. Perhaps because of the lack of a year military career, Lei Jun has some anti reconnaissance capability. From September 24th at 1 pm from the Hanyang Hospital Department of urology ward 408, the number of surveillance cameras in the Lei appears not much. Hanyang hospital, a staff member of the Beijing News reporter said that in Peng相关的主题文章: