The old man 5000 yuan was transferred to the grandson of the suspect to turn the game to buy the gam-winpm

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  • April 15, 2018
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The old man was 5000 yuan in 22 transferred suspected fraudulent grandson to buy games and equipment intended for the 5000 yuan to build a house of money, bank card take wings to itself. Recently, the people of Danzhou, Mr. Wang suspected of their own telecommunications fraud encountered, but the bank details show that Mr. Yang’s 5000 yuan deposit was paid through the Shenzhen City, the company paid through the technology of the software in the third brush off. After analysis, the police believe that the money is likely to be his grandson grandson brush used to buy the game equipment, but Mr. sheep has always been reluctant to believe, after all, he was only 10 years old." Reporter Wang Denghai bank card more than 5000 yuan take wings to itself yesterday afternoon, in Danzhou city bus terminal, the 63 year old Mr. sheep holding 2 cards from the list to print out the bank told the reporter he encountered strange things. In July 25th, Mr. Yang paid 10 thousand dollars in the bank, originally intended to build the house and then take out to buy materials. July 30th, due to the urgent need to spend money, Mr. sheep in the automatic teller machine two times a total of 4000 yuan, in August 1st went to the bank to take a $1000, the card is still more than 5000 yuan (original card more than 70 yuan). Mr. Yang told reporters that in August 7th, he received a Shenzhen money paid through the verification code text messages, I thought it was fraud information, delete." Mr. Yang said that in the next two days, he has received a message authentication code, at this time, Mr. Yang began to realize that it is very strange. It is confirmed that the bank card tail number mentioned in the verification code information is consistent with mr.. In order to confirm their bank card deposits are safe, very upset Mr. Yang came to the bank for their own bank card printing list. When he learned that his bank card only 50 yuan, Mr. sheep suddenly blindsided. List to print out bank show that Mr. sheep more than 5000 yuan by Shenzhen city caifutong and third party payment software 22 times to be brushed away, the smallest amount of consumption is only 5.05 yuan, the largest sum is 867 yuan. "I did not take money, bank cards do not bind any electronic banking business, how the money is not the card?" In this regard, Mr. Yang was very confused. Suspected of being fraudulent grandson to buy games and equipment found bank card deposits being fraudulent, Mr. Yang was initially suspected encounter telecommunications fraud, immediately went to the area police station, but the police did not understand the basic information to register him. Police analysis, said: if it is fraud, criminals will certainly turn all the money away, but not so many times. So you can judge, Mr. sheep did not encounter telecommunications fraud." Police said that after a preliminary investigation, Mr. Yang bank card money may be used to brush the game to buy equipment, and this person is likely to be the grandson of Mr. Gon Freecss. Mr. Yang told reporters that Gon Freecss’s parents are working in Shenzhen, in order to facilitate contact with parents to buy a smart phone for Gon Freecss. Gon Freecss usually use mobile phones to play games, and now I am more strict control, a day only let him play for an hour." Mr. Yang said that he did not agree with the police investigation and analysis, that Gon Freecss can not afford to brush his money to buy the game equipment, after all, he was only 10.相关的主题文章: