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  • November 17, 2017
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The old cadres in small meat "2" yellow Zitao male really wiped Li Rui Sparks – Sohu   entertainment; entertainment news Huang Zitao Sohu jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Article is Hunan TV hit in the air. The first phase of the program, as the largest gap in the age of a pair of recruits, Huang Zitao and the performance of the formation of the military in the camp is very different, causing the audience hot debate on the performance of the first half of the year, the difference between the eight recruits in the army. In the second phase of the program will be broadcast in Huang Zitao and Li Rui, although the age is far from, different personalities, but with its unique way of writing their own camp tour, and mutual understanding, mutual integration, forge ahead. These two different air force recruits in the barracks will collide what kind of spark? At the end of the first episode, Huang Zitao and instructor outbreak. Saw this scene of Li Rui said in an interview: "Huang Zitao is like a hedgehog, which touched his thorns will prick, and came to the army is a polish of these spikes." In the subsequent training, Li Rui with their own perseverance and hard work to set up a model of the boss of the elder brother of the image of the elder brother, but also with their own vitality and passion to give Li Rui encouragement and infection of the. In the writing part of Huang Zitao recruits motto, "the world is impossible for me to" motto makes Li Rui is very impressive, "said the youth strong, although he is already middle-aged, but still should be like a teenager to struggle and struggle." After listening to Li Rui and Huang Zitao "with the current hard light break their courage" motto, heartily applauded, said very admire village eloquence and he dared to challenge themselves and the courage to break through their own. At the end of the helicopter downhill training, see Huang Zitao first challenge and helicopters downhill after completion of the training, Li Rui to Huang Zitao on the shoulder pat, praise and encouragement. They encouraged and supported each other and added more warmth and affection to the program. Li Rui Road, Huang Zitao calm and full of Sap two age difference, Saimoe barracks career is destined not to like. But into the barracks, no matter how, their goal is to temper themselves, beyond the self, a true man of temper. Whether in the future life in the camp, they will also happen to? 28 October 20:20 Friday night, Hunan satellite TV "real man" in season second? Air force article to wait.相关的主题文章: