The north pole to the south pole, -25 went to Las Vegas, as to the whole world

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  • March 16, 2017
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many people have dreamed of one day to go to travel around the world, because some people do not have the time, because some people do not have the money, and more people are neither time nor money, but when we have time also have money, may have no mood to travel around the world.

In fact,

around the world do not have to wait, only to see the Las Vegas luxury hotel, you can achieve a day throughout the world dream.

m Rudge Hotel The Mirage

into the Rudge Hotel, as if into the tropical Polynesia jungle, tropical plant landscape, waterfalls, swamps, as well as the entrance of the volcano are full of exotic hotel.

except at night after the famous volcano every 15 minutes a jet fire broke out scenery outside, mainly due to the fame of the Las Vegas "white tiger magic" is the famous palace, there are many visitors come to see the white tiger style every year, although it is said that this is the most expensive of the Las Vegas show, tickets per person about 90 dollars, but sold.

Venice The Venetian

Venice total investment of nearly $1 billion 800 million, completed until 2007 has been the world’s largest investment Hotel, casino integrated entertainment facilities. It imitates the famous bell tower in Venice, Plazza San Marco, imitation, although not real, but it is amazing. In particular, the hotel’s artificial the Grande Canale, indoor scenery like the day. You can even pack a flat bottomed boat, roaming in the Grande Canale, while enjoying the scenery, do not forget to taste the square on the wheelbarrow delicious Italy ice cream.

Palace Bellagio

Hotel, designed to be inspired by Italy’s Lake Como, Bellagio, also had the most expensive Casino Hotel scenery. The most famous is the musical fountain show and the most famous seafood buffet dinner in Vegas.

The famous

(Fountainsof Bellagio) in imitation of Bellagio fountain Lake Como in Italy and built artificial lake music fountain is Las Vegas’s most famous outdoor show, with elegant music, dancing water, the highest can be sprayed to more than 70 meters, such as the sound of thunder, is attracting the most tourists every day.

hotel lobby ceiling 2000 artificial blown glass flowers composed of glass sculpture, let a person into the hotel immediately feel the atmosphere of luxury. Cirque du Soleil’s only water show "O" show has been performed over the years, while the hotel’s Bellagio Gallery o;